8 Weeds That Could Actually Fit in Your Yard

Weeds are the uninvited guests in your backyard. They can be likened to parasites that grow relatively anywhere and just as easily because they don’t need a lot of nutrients for their cultivation.

For that reason, growth of weeds are strictly discouraged due to the effects that it will cause to the plants that you actually want to grow in your own yard. If you are aiming for a beautiful and perfect landscape, weeds will surely disrupt the order in your garden because of its persistence to grow in any soil.

Nonetheless, you’d be quite surprised that letting weeds grow in your yard can be very beneficial to your garden. True, it can be the harbinger of crop infestation, but some weeds actually have some set of characteristics that supersede their bad counterpart.

weeds for your yard

Photo source: Source: http://gardenrant.com/2012/07/harnessing-the-power-of-the-weed.html

Here are 8 examples of weeds that you should make room for in your backyard:


You are just in luck because clovers can be used as natural fertilizer for your soil. It even attracts earthworms which are very beneficial for your lawn, too. For some gardeners, rabbits can also be considered as pests in the garden. In the presence of clovers, rabbits will attack these instead of your lovely plants. This is just the kind of distraction that need in your yard, don’t you think?


Don’t let the name of this weed scare you off because you’d be surprised with its innate powers. This weed is capable of attracting insects that can pollinate amongst your precious plants. It is also edible and has its own set of medicinal properties. Hence, don’t be afraid to spread the love towards this weed.


For those perfectionists at heart, they will certainly despise the presence of dandelions on their yard because of their striking appearance. However, believe it or not, dandelions help in giving nutrients to the other neighbouring plants whose roots can’t reach that far into the ground. Humans are not the only ones who are capable of helping each other out. Symbiotic relationship also occurs amongst plants.


With this weed in your yard, it will drive away insects that can cause harm to your plants. Aside from being a protector of your garden, lamb’s quarters are also edible and are known to be nutritious as well. However, wash this carefully to prevent cross contamination from the soil where it has been planted.


It is considered to be the most hard-headed weed, eliminating mugwort is no easy task. Hence, gardeners really hate their presence so much. Nonetheless, its persistence to grow can be very beneficial especially in areas that are heavily-laden with metal which can affect the growth of your plants. Mugwort has the capacity to cleanse the soil from the harmful effects brought about by the metals. You see? They are not that bad after all, right?


weeds for your yard

Photo source: http://sorendreier.com/10-medicinal-weeds-that-may-grow-in-your-backyard/

Some people are afraid of this weed because it can sting. However, don’t get intimidated easily. One of its medical attributes is in alleviating asthma and in treating arthritis as well. Nettles are also capable of absorbing essential nutrients which make it a good fertilizer for your beloved yard.


This might be classified as a weed, but it also has its own set of benefits. As a matter of fact, it is capable of attracting beneficial insects that will help in the cultivation of your plants. Some insects that it attracts are capable of killing harmful pests that destroy your plants. On top of that, recent studies show that pennycress can be a source of biofuel. Not only are you helping your garden grow, you are also making Mother Nature happy.


Aside from the fact that this can be added in your favourite salad, plantain also has medicinal properties. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone, right?

Indeed, weeds are not just any other plant that you should ignore. You’d be quite surprised with the benefits that they can offer in the agricultural sector and in the holistic wellness that can be applicable to us humans as well.

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