A Guide to Making Your Own Outdoor Room

Do you have an old room at the back of your house or maybe a patio that looks plain? Maybe a little bit of spicing up will do to make your bare outdoors into something fun. Of course, you want to make your outdoor sanctuary look its best; for bragging purposes or maybe for that perfect Instagram snap. Why not! Keep these tips in mind when making your own outdoor room without paying for a decorator!

So, let’s transform that outdoor area into something that is glam-ready!


First things first, think of the location. Look at your backyard and, then find the best spot where you want to have your outdoor haven standing. Try looking at your old patio if it will do. If you already have a built room, then that’s a bonus! Just have a few paint buckets with you and start painting it all out with that color you have in mind.

Here’s a bonus tip: try sticking to earth-tone colors such as browns and greys. From there, you can choose what other bright colors would fit your base outdoor room paint. A perfect example of your color scheme would be whites, greens, and blues. Having white as your base color for the room, blue for the majority of the furniture, and green as an accent to those colors mentioned above is the perfect combination.

Blues and greens and a little bit of orange? Very tropical. Somebody give me a Piña Colada!


Have the right furniture to put in your outdoor room. Consider having some chairs that would fit the room’s size but would cater to your need for comfort and a table that is small but completely functional. Get a sofa that is just the right size like a 2-meter sofa with flat cushions. That would make it classier than having those bulgy-cushioned ones. Then, choose a table that would complement the chair of your choice. Have one that is rectangular in shape so that you can still accentuate it with vases and small containers with tea essentials in it. Rectangular tables are great for those who want to have plenty of guests in their homes.


This leads us to the next tip. Now that you have your location ready, walls painted, and furniture arranged, get your hands ready to decorate your outdoor room!

A soft white curtain is essential in having an outdoor room. Not only that it brighten the whole place, it also gives that sophisticated look. Having white on a certain place makes it bigger and more comfortable; plus, it adds up the relaxed vibe.

Choose the right things to put in your outdoor room too like having that perfect set of sofa pillows, a table light, or hanging lights. These are the kind of things that you need to consider.

Take these tips for that perfectly decorated outdoor space.

  • Have square-shaped pillows that have an abstract, swirls, or stripes design on them. Those designs will accentuate the plain color you have for your chairs, tables, or the overall paint of the area. As the saying goes, you can never go wrong with plains and prints.
  • Choose pastel colors instead of those neon ones. Although neon and bright colors seem vibrant, pastels will keep the mood of your outdoor space more relaxing.
  • Internet is just beyond your reach, so go over to Youtube and search for more do-it-yourself decorations like a candle jar so that you will be able to make use of the empty mayonnaise jars in your kitchen. You can also have hanging decors like hand-painted ribbons and butterflies. In that way, not only can you express your creativity, but you can also customize as to how big or how small you want your decorations to be.
  • A curtain is a must. Choose from an array of silks, and don’t forget to have it in white.
  • Put plants on top of your list as well. All those greens will make you feel calm. According to meditation gurus, a plant inside the house makes it soothing to the one who’s living in it. It creates balance to all the wood as well as the water going on to the place.
  • If you want to go all in, hire a landscaper and let him/her create a small pond or a grotto; although this is completely optional. Water, like the plants mentioned above, increases the relaxing vibe of your outdoor space.

Explore different pieces of outdoor furniture that fit your space and pass your standards so that it will be easy for you to make a decision on what designs are you going to make. Don’t be afraid to read home magazines and watch DIY’s because, in the end, you are the one who will be making the decision.

Despite these tips, trust your design instincts. Although you can take these tips for making your own outdoor room, you can always make a match on what you want. Release that inner artist, and your outdoor space will surely be your in-house getaway.

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