Choose The Best .50 Cal Ammo Can For Every Budget

When purchasing a new .50 cal ammo can, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. Having narrowed down your choices to either a style or a model, you may wonder how they compare. I hope this handout will help clarify some important differences between the two. We’ve tried to make it as clear and straightforward as possible while still covering all of the bases, but feel free to contact us with any questions we didn’t answer well enough.

There are many types of .50 cal ammo can from various manufacturers. We will discuss the most interesting of them in detail. This should give you enough information to determine which is better for your needs.

How we choose

The following sections go into great detail about each product model we looked at. We specifically considered the quality, sizing, adaptability, and durability of .50 cal ammo can. The specifics of product are described below, along with a breakdown of which models performed best in each. We have chosen our top options based on advice from our experts:

  • Size
  • Brand value
  • Features
  • Style
  • Design
  • Longevity
  • Price
  • Warranties
  • Types
  • Specifications
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Materials
  • Consumer ratings, reviews & many more
Top Choice: 10 Best .50 cal ammo can

10 Best [replace_keywor] on The Market

There are a lot of .50 cal ammo can on the market, but not all of them are equal in terms of quality. If you’re looking to buy a new one, you’ll want to know what features to look for.

We’ve compiled this list to help you find the best .50 cal ammo can for your needs. We’ve also included some helpful information about how each .50 cal ammo can works and what it can do (or not do).

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best .50 cal ammo can reviews. These are reviews that can help you decide which .50 cal ammo can to invest in and which ones not to waste your money on.

Bestseller No. 1
Fortress 50 Caliber Metal Ammo Can, 50 Cal
  • Rubber Sealed
  • All Steel Construction
  • Easy to Carry Handle
  • Solid hinged lid
  • Air tight storage of ammunition
SaleBestseller No. 2
Sheffield 12643 .50 Caliber Tactical Ammo Can, Air Tight & Waterproof Box, Tamper Proof, Stackable Design, Black
  • BUILT JUST LIKE MILITARY SURPLUS AMMO CANS: These ammunition boxes are built to the same specifications as old .50-Caliber Military Surplus ammo boxes; durable metal box construction, air and water tight, built to withstand the elements
  • ITEM SPECIFICATIONS: 11.13” (L) x 7.38” (D) x 5.75” (W); Steel; Black matte finish; Compression-fit lid; Air-tight; Designed for .50-caliber ammo
  • 50-CALIBER AMMUNITION BOXES: These ammo cans are styled like military surplus storage containers and are designed to hold .50-caliber ammo, either boxed or unboxed, and can also be used to protect ammo, hunting and fishing gear, tools, and more
  • AIR TIGHT, WATER TIGHT: A rubber gasket in the lid creates an air and water tight seal when the metal ammo can is locked; with a few packs of desiccant in your box, you can keep your gun ammo safely stored for years to come
  • MULTI-USE WATERPROOF STORAGE: This water- and air-tight 50 Cal ammo can also works as a 5.56 ammo box, 380 ammo box, 9mm ammo box, and much more; It's a versatile ammo storage solution
Bestseller No. 3
Redneck Convent Ammo Can 50 Cal Solid Steel Military Metal Ammo Box with Airtight Sealed Lid to Protect Ammunition Gear
  • [Keep Water Out]: Airtight rubber gasket seal lines the ammo case rim to ensure your ammunition is protected from outside elements; Steel metal construction protects the ammo crate can even when fully submerged in water
  • [Hold Dry Ammo]: Shield your ammo from water, dirt, dust, and debris with the RC Metal Ammo Storage Box; Protect your 50 Cal ammunition in the metal bullet case while on hunting trips regardless of the terrain
  • [Store Important Items]: While designed to keep your ammo safe, the military ammunition box can also store hunting gear, fishing tackle, electronics, personal treasures, sewing equipment, and specialty tools
  • [Contents]: Package includes 1 steel metal dry storage box measuring 12 x 7.5 x 6 inches (30.5 x 19 x 51cm) for ample room storing .50 caliber ammunition or other valuables and gear
  • [Open and Grab Gear]: Front-facing lid-locking latch is easy to open and close; Metal ammo can opens from the top so you can easily access rifles or ammo at a moment’s notice
Bestseller No. 4
Redneck Convent Black Waterproof Ammo Box Military Storage Box – MTM 50 Round Flip Top Ammo Box Ammo Can Organizer Reloading Supplies
  • [Versatile Storage Container]: While designed to keep your ammo safe, this empty ammo box can also store hunting gear, fishing tackle, electronics, personal treasures, sewing equipment, and specialty tools
  • [Perfect Size for Your Needs]: 11.25 x 7.25 x 5.8-inch (28.6 x 18.4 x 14.7 cm) ammo magazine box provides ample room for storing your .50 caliber ammunition or other valuable items
  • [Stackable Design]: Ammo caddy base is indented to accept the folding handle on the lid of your other ammo safe cases to save space and improve stackability; Ideal for storing in your gun case, closet, or garage
  • [Keep Your Ammo and Tools Safe and Dry]: The Redneck Convent Black Metal Ammo Can Box is designed to store and protect your ammo and hunting gear from water, dirt, debris, and other elements
  • [Waterproof Seal]: Each lockable ammunition storage box features an airtight rubber gasket seal around the rim to ensure the contents of your utility box is protected from water and debris; Desiccant gel pack absorbs moist air trapped in the can during long-term storage
Bestseller No. 5
Aolamegs 24 Magazine Holder .50 Cal Ammo Can Foam (Pre-Cut, Military Grade Foam)- 24 Pistol Magazine Foam Insert for Ammunition Box (M2A1) - Replaces Gun Clip Pouch
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP – Set includes 3 pieces. Soft lid foam, denser base foam with cutouts, dense flatpad for the bottom.The uppermost foam can be fixed on the lid of the steel can .
  • PRE-CUT MILITARY GRADE FOAM – The handgun magazine holder foam measures 11 x 5.56 x 5.625 inches and fits seamlessly in a .50 caliber ammo can (ammo canister sold separately).
  • Military Grade Foam – Foam insert is (closed cell) military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean
  • Fits 24 Pistol Magazines – Holds 24 magazines ,
  • Foam Kit Only - Designed For Standard .50 Cal Steel Ammo Can (M2A1) .Ammo Can is NOT included with order.
Bestseller No. 6
Premium Tactical Supply .50 Cal Ammo Can 24 Pistol Magazine Holder Foam - Insert for Steel 50 Caliber Ammunition Box (M2A1) - Replaces Gun Clip Pouch (1 Pack)
  • High Quality and Durable Foam - Does NOT Include Steel Can
  • Three Pieces of Foam: Top Piece, Base Piece, and Main Insert with 24 Cut Outs
  • Fits 24 Pistol Magazines
  • Foam Kit Only - Designed For Standard .50 Cal Steel Ammo Can (M2A1) - Steel Can NOT Included
  • Length and Width Dimensions of the Foam are 11" x 5 5/8"
Bestseller No. 7
.50 Cal Ammo Can
  • STACK AND STORE! – Handles collapse for easy storage and stacking, allowing you to save up or buy in bulk!
  • GET THE CLASSIC LOOK! – In OD Green, and designed to match the Military Original, these cans have the style you actually want!
  • STORE AMMO FOR THE AGES! – Don’t get caught with dull rounds, keep them fresh and shiny for years to come!
  • GET DURABILITY! – Stop messing around with paper boxes and plastic wannabes, get the real thing!
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE! – It’s easy to get your 50 Cal storage sorted out, and to stop worrying about corrosion!
SaleBestseller No. 8
Case Club 2 Pistol Holder .50 Cal Ammo Can Foam (Pre-Cut, Closed Cell, Military Grade Foam)
  • Max length of pistols is 8 5/8" & not intended for revolvers, Foam Dimensions: 11"x5.625"
  • Foam only, ammo can is NOT included with order
  • Holds two semi-auto pistols and four magazines
  • Set includes 3 pieces. Soft lid foam, denser base foam with cutouts, dense flatpad for the bottom
  • Foam insert is (closed cell) military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean
Bestseller No. 9
Aolamegs Ammo Box Can Lock Hardware Kit .50 Cal, Fat 50,l 30 Cal, 20 mm, 40 mm
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Ammo box lock hardware fits 50 Cal, Fat 50, 30 Cal, 20 mm, 40 mm ammo cans. The lock hardware will work with medium sized locks with up to a 1/4" lock shackle.
  • KIT INCLUDES - Stud, one large washer, one small washer, one neoprene washer, one grade 8 nylon locknut, and instructions for installation. Ammo can and lock are NOT included.
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Our quality stainless steel hardware prevents rusting and ensures your ammo is safely locked away. The can stays waterproof as the neoprene washer keeps water out of the ammo box.
  • THE SAFER AMMO CAN - The lockable ammo box can be used to store guns and ammunition to prevent children and others from using it.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The lock hardware takes only a few minutes to install and is the easiest way to upgrade your ammo can to a lockable can or even a gun box.
Bestseller No. 10
Innovatex .50 Cal Ammo Can, 24 Pre-Cut Pistol Magazine Holder With Foam Insert, Metal Storage Box Case For Mags With Rubber Gasket Seal, Military Grade Water-Resistant Army Green Steel
  • HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE FOAM – Innovatex foam inserts are premium military-grade foam that’s chemical and oil resistant. High-quality magazine holders to fit a .50 Cal ammo can with soft foam lid for top and bottom protection.
  • AIRTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT - Ammo can has a front latch that keeps air out and a rubber seal gasket under lid to keep water out. Airtight ammo box keeps the moisture out to protect your ammunition extending its lifetime.
  • PRE-CUT FOR QUICK, SEAMLESS ACCESS – Our foam holder inserts already feature 7/8” x 1.5” magazine cutouts which makes it easier to install and then add magazines with minimal effort.
  • ORGANIZE FIREARM MAGAZINES – Able to store and hold up to 24 pistol magazines this high-capacity storage system slides into your ammo can and lets you fill it up with mags quickly and efficiently.
  • HOME AND RANGE CONVENIENCE – Keeping pistol and firearm magazines organized not only helps protect the magazine and ammo it makes it easier to access each one during firing drills or safety needs.

Things to Consider When Buying .50 cal ammo can

When you’re looking to buy .50 cal ammo can, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want something that will last, but you also want it to be easy to use and maintain. You want it to be affordable but not so cheap that it feels like it will fall apart in your hands. The truth is, many factors go into buying the right product for your needs. But if you keep these things in mind when shopping for new products, you’ll be able to find what works for you and make sure that you get the most out of your purchase.

  • Product quality: Quality is key when it comes to buying .50 cal ammo can. You want to make sure that the product will last and be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Price: Price is another important factor when buying .50 cal ammo can. You don’t want to pay too much, but you also don’t want to buy something too cheap and not worth its weight in gold.
  • Brand: A brand name can be more than just a brand name; it can be a guarantee of quality and performance! You might find one more reliable than the other, or even more affordable!
  • Ease of Use: Some products might seem perfect at first glance, but they might not be so easy to use in real life! It’s important that any item you buy is easy enough for anyone who might use it regularly.

Before you buy, consider the following:


It’s important that a product can withstand daily use without breaking down or losing its effectiveness quickly. If your product breaks or stops working after just a few uses, it’s not worth the money because it will cost more than necessary when you have to replace it frequently.


Price is important because it determines how much money you have left after buying .50 cal ammo can. You should always factor in price when making a purchase and ensure that your product is worth its price tag.


Make sure that whatever you purchase is high quality and won’t break down easily or require repairs. For example, if you buy cheap .50 cal ammo can, they may not last very long and need to be replaced often, whereas expensive .50 cal ammo canwill last longer and will not require as many repairs or replacements. If a product has low quality, it won’t be worth your money!


Before you even consider buying .50 cal ammo can, research the brand and how their products fare in the market. Reading reviews will help you understand what other customers think about the product and whether or not they would recommend it. You’ll also want to look at price ranges and see if anything stands out as overpriced or underpriced based on its features or how well-known it is as a brand.


One of the best ways to find out what people think about .50 cal ammo can is by reading reviews from other users who have already tried it out! These reviews can be found on websites such as Amazon or YouTube and will give you an idea of whether or not a product is worth buying based on what others have said about their own experience using it (both good and bad).

Ease of use

If you’re looking at .50 cal ammo can that seems like it would be easy to use, but then you find out how complicated it is, you might want to reconsider your purchase. You don’t want to spend time figuring out how everything works if you could have just bought something simpler and more straightforward.

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