Clean Your Swimming Pool With The Best Pool Vacuum Before Diving Into It: Read This Buying Guide

Imagine, you are willing to dive into your pool, but unfortunately, you find it dirty. And now, imagine yourself cleaning it for hours together. How about going to a store and buying the best pool vacuum, which would minimize your maneuvers and time?

With more than hundreds of such cleaners available in the market today, you may have trouble choosing the right one. Well, if you are reading this buyer’s guide, then surely this is the end of your trouble.

If you find the pool water cloudy then certainly the pool gets required to vacuum. Before the shock treatment to remove the large debris, the pool should be vacuumed. In the hustle and bustle of life, man has believed to make work easy. Easy, less complex, and self-contained automatic pool vacuums are preferable to manual ones. Clean Your Swimming Pool With The Best Pool Vacuum Before Diving Into It:

How Many Types of Pool Vacuums are Available in the Market?

There are some different types of manual and automatic pool vacuums available in the American market to consider before deciding to make a purchase. Let’s go through them briefly:

  • Robotic Pool Vacuum: Robotic vacuums are automatic pool system, which works by itself without any human interference. These are aka the self-propelled cleaners. These vacuums clean efficiently and thoroughly any shape of the pool. Some robotic vacuums memorize the shape of the pool due to the highly efficient and advanced installed technology. These vacuums figure out the most efficient route to clean the pool. If you are looking for a highly warranted pool cleaner, then this can be the end of your search. Read more: Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Your Home
  • Suction Side Vacuum: Again counted among the automatic category, these vacuums are installed to the suction side of your pool’s existing filtration system. They are the least expensive compared to the rest of the automatic pool cleaners available in the market today. You may not want to consider it if an existing pumps system or filtration system is weak. Read  more: ​Best Suction Pool Cleaners
  • Pressure Side Vacuum: These vacuums are connected to the prevailing pump system of the pool. These pool vacuums give an excellent output during the removal of large and coarse debris; however, they aren’t considerable for cleaning for pool walls or the bottom of the pool.
  • Manual vacuum: They require more work and efforts from the users. We cannot neglect the major benefit of using manual vacuum is that the cleaning of pool steps, ladders and corners are to be done better and in an effective manner than automatic vacuums.

Why Should You Invest in Pool Vacuums?

Pool vacuums are a great investment, especially when you have a swimming pool that you frequently use with kids. It is important to keep the pool well-maintained and clean. Automatic cleaners can do the job for you as they are associated with various benefits:

  • Automatic pool vacuums save energy as they have microprocessors inbuilt in them and are self-programmable.
  • These vacuums take less time to clean the swimming pool compared to those manual vacuum cleaners that require hours together.
  • They offer crystal clear and hygienic finish as they are technologically designed to be models that are sophisticated.
  • They include an important relaxing feature, which is operation via remote control. It helps you to clean your pool thoroughly without having to run the machine physically.
  • Automatic cleaners are highly efficient and effective. They offer hygienic results that may not be obtained using the manual machines.

How to Choose the Right Pool Vacuum for Yourself?

There are many automatic pool vacuums available out there in the market; however, it is not necessary that every vacuum can reach the corners and steps to clean, or some vacuums may efficiently clean only pool walls or some can only clean the pool floors.

Although you cannot find a full package, which can contain a buyer with all the requirements he needs in an ideal pool vacuum. This is when the question arises, which one is best for you? Here’s how we can solve your problem:

  • Firstly, assess your requirements. Consider your home’s pool size. If you have a small one, and if you have a low budget to make a purchase, then opt for a manual pool cleaner. However, if you have a large swimming pool, then you must prefer an automatic vacuum. This will help you clean the pool faster.
  • Secondly, choose a manual cleaner only if you know how to clean swimming pools perfectly. You may miss out sections of the pool when using a pool cleaner with manual operations.
  • Thirdly, if you have a reasonable budget, you may choose suction side vacuum to clean fine dirt particles such as sand from the pool.
  • Fourthly, if you want to roll out dirt particles from the pool in an environment-friendly way, then you can choose to buy a pressure-side pool vacuum.
  • Lastly, if you are looking for the best pool vacuum, then you should prefer the robotic pool vacuum cleaner. It will do the job for you, everything from scrubbing the walls and floors to cleaning the debris and dirt particles.

How to Maintain the Pool Vacuums in the Best Manner?

You should keep maintaining your pool cleaner at regular intervals. This will keep the consistency of cleaning the dirt and debris of the vacuum invariable. Most of the pool owners do not look after the accessories of pool vacuum, which ends up with the lowering of optimum efficiency of cleaner by the time.

The harmful chemicals and particles, surrounding environment, solar heating, leaves, and bather load prominently affect the parts of pool vacuums. You can check the accessories by having practical measures on them. Below are some effective ways to maintain your pool cleaner:

  • If you hear an annoying noise from the hose, then there are high chances of a leak in the hose.
  • Place your cleaner’s hoses in a dry place and away from the contact of sunlight.
  • Examine the parts, which can be undergone by corrosion and wear. The disc, feet, and defector wheel can be worn easily by the time, if we do not look after them. When the disc gets worn, it starts to twin from the outer edges.
  • Completely scrub the debris collection bag, filter, skimmer, sand filter in regular intervals to maintain the efficiency of vacuum. Always disconnect the hose from the vacuum line after cleaning process.

Following are some automatic pool vacuums, which are considered as a wise choice to pick with an eye of a buyer:

1. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

This is the suction-side type of pool cleaner. Are you sick with your noisy and creepy vacuum? The Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is the option for you to replace your loud vacuum as the one movable part technology eradicates the irritating noise. The installation of a skimmer basket, vacuum head, and snapping of hoses with a filter can be done easily. This whole procedure takes around two minutes.

The provision of a ring on the upper side of the vacuum prevents it from being in contact with your pool wall. Therefore, it does not climb on pool walls. Moreover, this ring also deters the vacuum from getting stuck into ladders. Zodiac Ranger is highly recommended for the surface with dents and wrinkles.

The major features associated with this vacuum are listed below:

  • One moving part technology
  • Unique deflector wheel
  • 32 feet feed hose
  • AG disc
  • Flow keeper valve and Insta-skim compact self- adjusting control valve


  • Thoroughly scours above-ground pools with a bottom depth up to 6 ft.
  • It terminates the annoying flapper or hammer noise due to one moving part technology.
  • The possibilities of being stuck on ladders, corners, and steps are less as the unique deflector wheel is provided.
  • AG disc makes the vacuum slide effortlessly on the bottom, sides and corners of the pool.
  • The provisions of valves control the water flow.
  • Uncomplicated operation and easy maintenance-keeping.
  • Easy installation as it comes pre-assembled.
  • There is no need of flappers, gears, and wheels.


  • It should not be used for intex or soft-sided pools.
  • The vacuum chooses least resistance path to navigate across the pool since it misses the very large section of the pool.
  • It is irritating to drive it for 24 hours.
  • During pool vacuuming, frequently the removal of leaves from the pump itself is tedious.
  • The cleaning of pool walls is not as better as it does for the floors. It only revolves around the circumference of the pool.

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2. Xtremepower US Automatic Vacuum-generic Kreepy Krauly Climb Wall Pool Cleaner

Kreepy Krauly vacuums are used for the vacuuming of in-ground pools. Sometimes you may get surprised that why the branded pool cleaners are so costly, whereas you can afford effectively working pool vacuum, a combo of accessories from your nearby pool vacuum store. The Kreepy Krauly is a better substitute for your expensive and ineffective pool vacuum.

All the essential parts of Kreepy Krauly come along with the kit such as hose sections, hose weights, pressure regulators. The hose sections are of the same size which can be bought at your local pool supply store.

The main features of this Xtremepower US Automatic Vacuum are:

  • Suitable for pools up to 16 x 32 Feet
  • Rubber flapper
  • Hose sections of the same size
  • Hose weights
  • Pressure regulators
  • It requires ¾ HP swimming pool pump or 1600ghp to operate in a proper manner.
  • There are no tools required during installation.


  • It cleans in ground pools without relying on size, shape or construction of the pool.
  • It does not require electricity.
  • It crawls well on the side walls of the pool.
  • The pressure regulator permits the water to flow at the skimmer connection.
  • Less expensive
  • Set up of Kreepy Krauly is easy and effortless.
  • Easily connected to existing pool filtration system.
  • Good at suction of debris


  • The vacuum does not go into the shallow end less than 3 ft.
  • You need to purchase an extra hose as the one comes with the vacuum is not long enough.
  • Sometimes it damages the liner of the pool and makes wrinkles and tears on it.
  • It requires high-power output pool pump system to function properly.
  • The flapper is made up of a rubber material; there are chances to get expanded.
  • During the vacuuming, you have to give a gentle tug to the flapper with your finger when it gets stuck more often.

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3. Hayward 500 Aqua Bug Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for a time-saving, efficient and affordable pool vacuum, then this handy pick will be the best choice. Amongst all the brands, Hayward is a highly rated and well-known company in the swimming pool industry. Hayward Aquabug is used for the permanent above-ground pools only. It cleans the above/on-ground pools of all sizes and shapes automatically.

The operation of the vacuum is not only easier, but it is faster too because of the installed hi-tech features. It does not require tools for installation. Aquabug takes less than 10 minutes to get installed in the existing filtration system.

Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaner has salient features, which include:

  • Distinctive turbine/gear system
  • Smart drive program steering
  • Deluxe bumper ring
  • One year of warranty


  • It can be easily attached to the existing pool filtration system.
  • It seamlessly cleans all the portions of the pool.
  • The unique gear system balances water flow and the movements on the floors.
  • The fascinating design in the shape of cartoons makes you fall in love with them.
  • It glides effortlessly on the floor since the installed Deluxe bumper ring reduces the friction.
  • It does an excellent job on rough and wrinkled bottom surface.
  • No need for additional booster pump is required.


  • The intake of this unit is comparatively small which creates the issue of clogging.
  • It is not appropriate for intex or soft sided pools.
  • Since there is no brush at the bottom of vacuum, the removal of fine particles from the bottom is difficult even though it propels multiple times over it.
  • It requires electricity to operate.

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4. Water Tech POOLBLASTER Max Pool Vac with Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor

Pool Blaster MAX is compact, efficient, portable, and lightweight unit vacuum for small pools and minor cleanups. You would feel relieved by knowing that MAX does not require any hose, external booster pump, or any electric connections. Thus the advanced technology associated features make the MAX more preferable.

Well, you can attach this little efficient fellow with any pool pole for extended cleaning. Pool Blaster seamlessly removes fine pieces of dirt settled at the bottom. This vacuum not only removes debris from the pool water but also eliminates harmful particles.

The major features of Water Tech POOLBLASTER Vacuum Motor include:

  • Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor
  • Built-in hanging storage notch
  • Quick Release Telescopic Pole Connector
  • Dent proof
  • Clip-on brushes
  • Light in weight
  • 1-year warranty


  • It can propel easily on any surface such as concrete, tile, vinyl or fiberglass.
  • The vacuuming gets done independently without any help of battery or hose.
  • The pre-installed internal pump of MAX’s, which makes it work effectively and effortlessly.
  • It is operated without attaching to the pool’s existing filtration system.
  • It does not require an additional booster pump for deep cleaning because of the highly powered internal pump.
  • The capacity of skimmer bag is more; therefore, suction persists for a longer duration.
  • Battery time gets improved after the frequent charging cycles.
  • Eliminates fine particles thoroughly from the pool.


  • Once the water enters inside the motor compartment, there are high chances of the rusting of it.
  • For the elimination of fine particles such as sand and dirt, you need to have separate micro filter bags.
  • The installed battery is not replaceable or serviceable once it gets shot.
  • By buyer’s review, MAX is not suitable for larger pools. It works well for minor clean-up.
  • You need to recharge the battery frequently.

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5. Skooba above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

If you are a soft-sided pool user, then your biggest problem is how to clean the pool sides and bottom effectively as suction-side cleaners are not appropriate for these pools. Skooba is the right pick for your soft-sided swimming pool.

If we consider the price of this unit, then its serviceability is noteworthy. These vacuums are used for small pools which require small vacuuming. The portable twist and lock vacuum head can be removed easily for emptying. The internal debris filter bag resists the pool filter system from clogging and stoppage by debris.

Skooba Pool Vacuum Cleaner has various features, out of which, the main are:

  • Suitable for the intex or soft-sided swimming pools, which has the diameter of 8-16 ft.
  • Lock cleaner head
  • Built-in filter bag
  • Needs minimum flow rate 500 gallons/hour
  • Requires minimum pump power of 45W
  • Comprises of 16 ft vacuum hose, 1 wide- mouth nozzle, 4 sectioned cleaning pole and connectors.


  • Skooba is considerably appropriate for vacuuming of soft sided pools only.
  • It can be easily attached to the existing filtration system.
  • It contains built-in filter bag to gather and eliminate the debris without entering it into the pool filtration system.
  • Skooba can be easily assembled for simple construction.


  • You need to do priming of pump several times as during suction the vacuum sucks too much air.
  • It requires good water flow rate.
  • It needs a bit more time to get started properly.
  • The debris collection bag fills quickly so that the suction process gets stopped and the hose will collapse.
  • There is no provision of brush with the Skooba vacuum.

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The choice of the pool vacuum largely depends upon the budget, shape, and size of the pool and the amount of dirt that needs to be removed. As described above, the pool vacuums, which drive with the help of batteries and highly efficient motors have comparatively high prices than the manual vacuums. But these vacuums save time and maneuvers for owners.

Every automatically powered unit needs maintenance at regular intervals to keep it more powerful and efficient. Although you spend too much money on the expensive pool vacuum, without maintenance you cannot get the expected output. We hope the above-detailed descriptions of various pool cleaners will be handy to you in the selection of vacuums.

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