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Are you a pool owner and want crystal clear water? Having a swimming pool can be a fun way during summer, but cleaning and maintain can be little tough. You cannot neglect cleaning as the water turn hazy, cloudy and green. If you want crystal clear water for all season long then you should choose robotic pool cleaners.

An automatic pool cleaner is a smart choice when it comes to cleaning swimming pools. There are three types of automatic cleaners available; you can choose from robotic, pressure side and a suction side.

However, robotic pool cleaner provides the best of all three cleaners combined. In this guide, we will share some important aspects of robotic pool cleaners and their various types.

Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2017 Market​

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How to Choose the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Yourself?

It is very important to keep in mind; the following factors while buying the Robotic Pool Cleaner. It is very important that you get what you exactly want and your money is not wasted.

  • Type of pool: There are mainly two types of pools constructed in residential areas. These are an In-ground pool and above-the-ground pool. There are separate cleaners available for these two types of pools. So it is very necessary to consider the type of pool while buying a pool cleaner.
  • Price range: Robotic pool cleaners are available in various versions. You may get standard version and versions with advanced features too. So while deciding which one to buy, you should consider your budget. Buy the best robotic pool cleaner available within your budget.
  • The size of Pool: It is very important to consider the size of your pool while buying Robotic pool cleaner. Few pool cleaners are specifically designed to cover a smaller area efficiently and therefore; they will not be useful for you if you have a larger area pool. Pools to cover a large area are also available.
  • The surface of the pool: Some pool cleaners are designed in a way that they can be used on all the pool surfaces. But some pool cleaners are not effective on few surfaces such as tiles. So it is very important to consider this factor while buying a robotic pool cleaner.

Why Should You Prefer Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Most of us construct a pool in our house, to spend some leisure time in it. Sitting or swimming in the pool provides a great relaxation and makes us stress-free. But, exactly the opposite happens when it comes to cleaning it. Cleaning the pool manually is not less than a nightmare.

Moreover, you cannot avoid cleaning it as it may cause skin infections and other health problems. After spending hours and putting your best efforts, it is not sure that you end up with cleaning the pool effectively. 

The Robotic pool cleaners are highly recommended to avoid such conditions. Few reasons regarding why we should go for Robotic pool cleaners are as follows:

  • Highly efficient cleaning: Robotic pool cleaners are effective in cleaning the pool. They cover maximum pool area along with sides and corners while cleaning.
  • Robotic cleaners utilize pressure washing and rubbing mechanism to give the best results.
  • Robotic cleaners also have a suction pump and filter bags. This helps them in filtering the pool water without using any chemicals. They filter the particles, which are as small as 2 microns.
  • They are also power efficient due to well-programmed power consumption.
  • It is easy to operate them as they come with a remote control. Thus, saving your efforts.
  • They are equally effective on floors, walls, and stairs of the pool and they also do not get stuck to any obstacle.

How does a Robotic Pool Cleaner Work?


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It runs on electricity or solar energy, and you need not run your filter while it’s cleaning the pool. It uses the power of suction to clean up dust on the bottom of your pool. It has its pool filtration system and moves freely around the swimming pool. It removes dust and debris from the water while scrubbing the walls, pool floor, and waterline. It scrubs pool with an advanced brushing system. It removes algae and bacteria.

How to Maintain Robotic Pool Cleansers?

It is very important to maintain pool cleaners so that they work efficiently and effectively for a longer time. If we do not pay proper attention towards its maintenance, their parts may get jammed or rusted. We should follow the below steps to clean the pool cleaner properly.

  • You should turn off the power while cleaning the pool cleaner. Instead of switching off the plug, it is advisable to take the power cable out of the plug. Because the sometimes power supply is maintained even if the plug is switched off. If the power supply is ON, it may lead to short circuit, which may damage the parts of cleaner or may lead to major accidents.
  • The cleaner should be properly rinsed, and pool water should be removed. Traces of pool water remain in filter bag and brushes, even after keeping it too dry for a long time.
  • Properly clean the cartridge filter. The frequency of cleaning the filter depends on how dirty the pool is. If it is not much dirty, you can clean the filter after using it twice. But, if the pool is too dirty you may have to clean it twice or thrice in a single cleaning cycle, that is, in an interval of half an hour. To clean the cartridge, you will have to remove them. You should follow the instructions properly to remove the cartridges to prevent any damage to cartridge holders. If not cleaned and dried properly, the cartridge holder may get rusted, and the cartridge may be blocked permanently.
  • You should clean the cartridge panels using pressure washing. You can do by using a garden hose.

Let us go through a few, but the best robotic pool cleaners available in the market today:

1. Solar Breeze SOLARBREEZE Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

This is a good surface cleaning solution for swimming pool owners who want crystal clear water. It helps get rid of daily pool skimming chores. It is solar powered cleaner that costs nothing to operate. It consists of solar panels, chlorine dispenser, and debris tray. Solar panels collect sun energy and convert it to electric energy; chlorine dispensers distribute chlorine throughout pool water, and debris tray collects dirt, leaves, fine particles and many other unwanted particles.

Main Features

Solar Breeze SOLARBREEZE Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

Let us go through the major features associated with this robotic solar pool cleaner:

  • It has attached chemical dispenser that helps dispense chemicals.
  • It also comes with attached batteries that store the solar power and help drive the motors.
  • It doesn’t require electricity and operated by batteries or solar power.
  • It comes with an intelligent onboard computer that helps in navigation, ensuring that every inch of your pool surface is covered.
  • It helps save electricity as compared to other robotic cleaners.
  • You just place Solar-Breeze pool cleaner in the pool and turn it on. This robotic and intelligent leaner will take care of almost all of debris in the pool and collect everything unwanted like pollen, leaves, and twigs on water.
  • This is simple to work with this pool cleaner. Once you place it in water, it works automatically and removes approximately 95% surface debris. It works automatically due to intelligent on-board processor that directs cleaning and navigation
  • It has built in chemical dispensers that are used to dispense chemicals in the pool.It is the easy way for pool sanitization.
  • It is equipped with two Solar photovoltaic panels(six watts each)


  • It does not require any cables
  • No electric concerns and no utility bills
  • Zero labor cost,
  • Zero power cost,
  • Solar energy operates it
  • It provides efficient surface cleaning
  • Suitable for in and above ground pools for any shape and size
  • Operates for several hours after sundown, using stored energy


  • This is not efficient for larger pools as it may tend to miss few areas due to large size.
  • It gives best results in round or curved edged pools and in-ground pools.
  • You have to be careful while taking this cleaner out of the pools after it has completed the cleaning. In some cases, debris falls out and go back to the pool.
  • It should have got some adequate handle to make a better grip.

This is one of the perfect pool cleaners. Those who have been suffering from daily skimming chores and have a good budget, they should have it. You can keep the surface of your pool cleans without any effort on your part.

2. Aquabot ABTRT2R1 Turbo T2 In-Ground Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Aqua Buggy Cart

The Aquabot Turbo T2 is designed to clean the pool precisely. It uses a unique technology patented by Aquabot. This technology is called dual-clutch system.

It has power jets to facilitate pressure washing. This helps in loosening the dirt and algae stuck to the pool walls. Along with power jets, it has highly efficient brushes to scrub the surface. So it provides efficient cleaning with jet loosening the dirt and brushes scrubbing the loosened dirt off the pool walls. The Jets and scrubbing brushes are patented by Aquabot.

It has one more feature that helps it to move over the obstacles easily. It uses a technology called “NeverStuck system.”

Main Features

Aquabot ABTRT2R1 Turbo T2 In-Ground Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Aqua Buggy Cart

Below are the salient features of this robotic swimming pool cleaner with aqua buggy cart:

  • It has a dual mechanism to clean the pool surfaces. This dual mechanism includes – Pressure washing and scrubbing.
  • The latest patented technologies used to implement these mechanisms make it better than the rest of pool cleaners under this category.
  • It has added the advantage of robotic features, which makes it easy to use.


  • It can be used for pools of any shape.
  • It cleans pool and filters water as well.
  • Robotic features help to control its movement and reach to almost each and every corner of the pool.
  • It minimizes the use of chemicals, thus helps in keeping your family members healthy.
  • It is easy to use. It does not require any pre-installation and is as simple as plug and play.


  • It cannot work efficiently on tile surfaces.
  • It cannot be easily transported without a caddy.
  • Few users say that it needs to be repaired at least once in a season.
  • It comes with a long cable, but still, users are feeling the requirement of extension cable.
  • It is a time-consuming job to coil up the cable. It takes approximately 10 minutes to coil up the cable.


This pool cleaner is ideal for cleaning above-the-ground pools. It is designed and built in such a way that it covers the maximum pool area. The filter bags are easy to access. It has a powerful motor that sucks 80 gallons of water to filter it. It is tested and is safe for use. It works on patented Hydro-Robotic technology.

Main Features


The pool rover has various important features; they are:

  • It sucks the dirt, debris and other particles from the floor of the pool.
  • It is equally efficient on flat and inclined floors.
  • The filter bags can be easily removed and installed. Filtration bags are so effective that you can filter particles as small as 2 microns.
  • Apart from cleaning, you can filter over 80 gallons of water per minute. It is due to its powerful suction pump.
  • It has40-feetlong cable, which adds to its efficiency.


  • Filter bags are easy to install
  • Filter bags are reusable and can be washed easily in the washing machine.
  • It is easy to operate. It is just “plug and play” thing.
  • It is sleek and therefore, covers the maximum area.
  • It filters smallest of particles such as bacteria, dander, dust or pollen.
  • It has the advantage of being an automated cleaner.
  • It strong suction pump that helps in effective cleaning.


  • It cannot work without electricity.
  • It does not have a chargeable battery or any other power source.
  • Though it has 40 feet long cable, still it sometimes hampers its movement.
  • Steel braces hold the filter bag. After a long use, they get rusted.
  • It is sometimes not effective on stairs as it rolls around and falls upside down.
  • It comes with plastic pins to adjust wheels. These pins are not effective and durable.

4. Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Quick Clean Technology

It is a great robotic pool cleaner one can ever think of. It is energy efficient and saves up to 94% energy as compared to other pool cleaners. It has robotic features, which help it in calculating the overall pool area and it decides its cleaning pattern accordingly. It selects it pattern so that it may cover maximum pool area and provide efficient cleaning.

Main Features

Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Quick Clean Technology

This Hayward, automatic robotic pool cleaner with quick, clean technology, is included with the following vital features:

  • It saves energy as it is 94% more energy efficient than another cleaner in this category.
  • It works on clean pressure technology.
  • It scrubs are the dirt and debris from the pool surfaces including floor, walls, and stairs.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It uses cartridge film, to absorb dirt. It is easy to install.
  • It has auto shutdown feature.
  • It has inbuilt computer that programs are cleaning pattern and has one cleaning cycle of 3 hours. After that, it automatically turns off.


  • It is energy efficient.
  • Easy to use; does not require any additional tool or plug-in.
  • Due to its robotic feature, it decides the cleaning pattern to provide the best cleaning.
  • Efficient and durable brushes and scrubbers.


  • It cannot work without power supply. It has no feature of any chargeable battery or any other power source.
  • It can only be used for residential pools and not for the larger pools.
  • We need to be careful while using it on stairs.

5. Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Swivel Cable, 60-Feet

This pool cleaner has a lot to offer. It is a robotic pool cleaner and uses its inbuilt computer to program efficient and optimized pool cleaning. It completes its one cleaning cycle in approximately 3 hours. It scrubs the pool surfaces, vacuums all the dirt and debris and also filters the pool water. It comes with 60 feet long cable. It comes with a power cable of 60 ft. It can suck up to 4,000gal (USA) / hour. It weighs around 19 Lbs.

Main Features

Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Swivel Cable, 60-Feet

Various important features of this Dolphin Triton Robotic pool cleaner include:

  • It comes with the cartridge as filtering agent.
  • Cartridge filters are easy to clean and install.
  • It comes with a caddy, which makes it portable and easy to store.
  • It is efficient in saving power. Power consumption will not cost more than 15 cents to clean the pool once.
  • It does not require any installation or connections. Just plug it into the power source and start using it.


  • Cleans pool from bottoms and sides including floor, walls and water inlet.
  • It is highly effective for residential in-ground pools, which are not more than 45-50 ft. in length
  • It offers highly efficient cleaning and various robotic features in a very affordable price range.


  • It cannot be used for over-the-ground pools.
  • It cannot be used for larger pools, which are than 50 ft. in length.
  • The presence of cable sometimes hampers the movement of the device.
  • It has no alternative power source, such as a chargeable battery. Therefore, it cannot be used during power-cut.

Pool cleaners are very important. If you are using pool regularly, it becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned. It is very necessary for our and family’s heath. We have a wide range of robotic pool cleaners available in the market. The dirt and debris are stored in dirt collector bags. Some of the cleaners use cartilage instead of bags to collect the dirt. These dirt bags are easy to install and can be washed easily in washing machines.

These cleaners are affordable and durable. These are safe and reliable too. You must have one because it is very necessary to maintain hygiene of the pool if it is regularly used.

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