Is Your Swimming Pool Ready For A Dive-In? Read This Buying Guide For Buying The Best Solar Pool Cover This Season


Most of us would love the warm time to extend during the summer season at home. Everything is perfect and delightful. The bees sound and the pool water that warms up our skin, especially after a long tiring day. You may just like to relax at the pool. But wait!

The amazing feeling of the warmth of the pool water on our body is indescribable. It relaxes our muscles and opens up our skin pores. One of the first things to cool during and after summer is the pool water. What an irritation it should be to get back home and realize that the pool isn’t covered with the best solar pool cover, especially when you want the water to be warm and hot?

Further, in this post, we shall guide you through the complete information regarding buying solar pool covers, which are also called “bubble covers” or “solar blankets.”

Top 5 Best Solar Pool Cover 2017 Market​

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Best Solar Pool Cover?

  • Firstly, a solar blanket should keep the pool clean. It must prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool.
  • You save a lot of dollars here. Those harsh chemicals could harm the pool too. Therefore, there is less stuff to buy, and you could get a much cleaner pool.
  • Most pools get shade in the mornings, and the temperature of the water never gets more than 80F. Moreover, that happens only during the year’s warmest days. And 80F is never good for a quiet lounging over a book.
  • Although, most people try to push them into the cold pool usually. You need a bubble cover that can be set overnight to keep the pool at the same temperature. Nobody likes to wait for warm nights to heat up the pool water.
  • The solar blanket should be able to store up all the heat. Ideally, it needs to stores free heat from the sun. So when you like a warm splash at the pool, you could just jump in. Also, the solar blanket that increases the pool temperature by fifteen degrees is best.

Why Should You Prefer Solar Covers for Your Swimming Pools?

Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket for In Ground Pools, Blue


  • Solar blankets are great since it is like a greenhouse when it meets water.
  • There are thousands of tiny bubbles all around under the bubble cover. These bubbles act as a greenhouse when it touches the water.
  • The sun block also traps all the available heat into the pool. Moreover, the bubble cover helps by blocking evaporating of water, at least 80%.
  • The covers skills to trap the heat and help stop any evaporation are vital.
  • The heat is better when it remains in the pool, to keep everything hot.

What else could be better here?

Which Other Accessories are Available with Solar Pool Covers?

You also get a strong bag with most solar blankets. These bags help you store the bubble cover in a safe place. You could wash the bag if necessary. And dry it and later use it to store the bubble cover. Therefore, a bag along with the solar blanket is valuable. Other accessories that you may choose to buy with your solar blankets include:

  • Drain for pool cover
  • Wall solar lights
  • Motion sensor night lights
  • Pool cover pump

How Can You Store the Solar Blanket After Use?

Maintaining solar blankets the right way is vital. That’s pretty easy too! Just remember to remove it during long holidays to preserve its quality. The sun will bake even the best solar pool cover. That is a real fact! It is quite simple to store too. Remove the sheet dry, fold and place it in a cool area.

The Best Solar Pool Covers Available Online

Here I will review the best solar pool cover available online. These five seem to be the most popular among the buyers. Do take into considerations all the above information.

1. Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover, 18-Feet

This one is a high-grade material solar cover. It is simple to be just put over family pools of medium size. What it could do is simply marvelous. The pool cover blocks any external debris and dirt from mixing into the water. That means you might save dollars from not buying harsh chemicals. Moreover, the cover might stop the water from being drying up for a good 95%. So you save dollars on water.

Next, it could protect loss of heat from the pool! Pools with splendid circulation have the same temperature from the top to the floor. Moreover, you might not have any trouble with operating the pump with the cover on. It doesn't get stuck inside the skimmer. Additionally, the chlorine build up will not deteriorate the liner.

The pool blanket prevents visible dirt away and also stores the warmth from the sun's rays. And it leads to the rise of the water temperature. The high-quality Polymer plastic with firmly joined seams shall maintain the cover in one place.

You could use the blanket for In-ground and above ground pools. After using you could take it and dry it. Just fold it correctly and store it on a cool shelf or storage area.

The main features of this Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover, 18-Feet are:

Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover, 18-Feet
  • 18 feet solar cover manufactured using excellent material like resin
  • Contains hundreds of small air bubbles created to store heat
  • Designed to store and give solar heat to the pool
  • Prevents dirt away from the water; thereby, saving dollars on chemicals.
  • Stops water evaporation by 95% and blocks loss of heat
  • Makes use of the sun’s heat to increase the temperature by 15°


  • Many customers like its long life
  • Maintains the quality for a long time
  • Does not lose the floating power
  • No degradation by sunlight
  • Prevents loss of heat
  • Can leave the blanket overnight to store up the heat
  • Water temperature remains same
  • Adds more heat taken from the sun
  • Durable material
  • Beautiful blue color
  • The vacuum glues itself to the water during a windstorm
  • Rainwater does not collect on it preventing any sinking
  • You may cut it for fitting the pool without losing the guarantee


  • Some defective blankets seem to blow away due to the wind
  • The seams might rip away in broken ones
  • Few don’t stay in place and crudely made
  • Could have better sizes since
  • It is thick and tough for a single person to put or remove it, without entering the pool
  • Lack of reliable edges to hold on
  • Bad cuts

2. Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket for In Ground Pools, Blue

Made of high-quality resin, this is a 16 by 32 foot rectangular in-ground solar pool cover. The sheet contains high heating and insulation feature and could have a long life. This 12 mil cover has many thermal bubbles. It could prevent heat loss during nights and cold days. The translucent blue shade could let sun’s rays instantly enter the pool.

Just lay it out over the swimming pool during hot days. It then warms the water after the sun’s rays enters the blue blanket. Compared to open pools the water here could rise in temperature by 15 degrees. The ultraviolet protection helps it last even after being hit by intense sunlight. The 5-year guarantee gives you peace of mind. Don’t be confused by the denser tone. Once it is open in the water, it gets a cheerful light blue color.

The main features of the Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket:

Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket for In Ground Pools, Blue
  • 16 by 32 feet in length
  • Rectangular shape
  • Suitable for in-ground pools
  • Heats your pool to up to 15 degrees warmer
  • Loaded with heat-retaining thermal bubbles
  • Blue transparent tone captures the heat from the sun's
  • UV protected
  • Guarantee of 5 years


  • Increases the temperature in the pool to 5 degrees more in days
  • Even in high winds the sheet seldom moves
  • You may cut it in two different pieces for easy removal
  • Fold it by pulling it over itself few times and roll while onto the pool deck.
  • You could place the pieces together
  • Use a white king size sheet to block the sun from cooking the plastic


  • It seems excellent quality, and easy to trim to cover the pool
  • We used it about three months the first year, stored it away and used it about three months the second year.
  • In saltwater pools, the lower bubbles might completely disintegrate and may fall away with the light touch.
  • The sheet gets thin in some places, and middle gets ripped off
  • In the replacement the company gave a prorated blanket
  • Not suitable for hotter climates

3. Intex Solar Cover

You could heat the pool water by using one of the best Solar Pool Cover. It is built of sturdy PVC plastic blanket and efficiently blocks any dirt away. Best part, the solar blanket stores up the sun’s heat to warm the pool water

It also does a great deal of preventing extra the loss of heat. You could make use of this blanket to ensure a happy pool time with friends and family. The warm temperature in the water will help them have lots of fun.

Double your pleasure in the pool! Choose the best from the various sizes available. You could use the pool for a longer duration with all the warm water. The sun rays could heat the light weight blanket in minutes. Sizes available are 12 feet, 15 feet for metal frame pools and 18 by 9 feet for rectangular frame pools.

It is simple to be handled every day. Also, contains a carry bag which might help you store it away after use. The blanket could fit correctly at the edges of the pool and might stay intact by floating.

The main features of the Intex Solar Cover are:

Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools
  • Solar-heat-retaining cover for 10-foot round pools
  • Reduces evaporation by 95 percent;
  • Traps the sun's heat
  • Includes carry bag for storage when not in use
  • Fits just inside edge of the pool and floats in place
  • PMRA registration from Canada – 24583


  • It's a thermal bubble sheet exclusively created for warming pools. Hence, get value for the price
  • Instructions tell to tuck the blanket in the water
  • Not to be kept outside in the sun
  • The bubbles will damage, and you will have to get a new one
  • The heat loss is prevented just like a greenhouse does when the bubbles touch the water


  • Some defective ones could get the bubbles go flat before three month time
  • After using for few months, the pool might not get warm in faulty covers
  • Guaranteed but customer service might not respond back

4. 20'x40' Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover

Don’t we all just hate to enter a cold pool? Warm it promptly using one of the best solar pool covers. It's a great way to capture the sun’s heat and take full advantage of this natural resource. Here’s the rectangle supreme blue solar cover for your swimming pool.

The benefits of owning a solar blanket are many. The blanket could bring the average temperature to increase by 5 or 10 degrees. Use the bounty of the sun's energy that is free. Sun’s heat collected by the bubble wrap in even 10 feet circular pools.

The main features of 20'x40' Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover are:

20'x40' Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover - 12 Mil
  • Reduces evaporation by 95 percent; retains heat
  • Includes carry bag for storage when not in use
  • Fits just inside edge of pool and floats in place
  • Before I got the cover no one in their right mind would have gone into the pool
  • The lightweight cover is built from robust resin. Hundreds of tiny air bubbles absorb, store and transmit heat from the sun’s rays
  • Allows the pool to block till 95% of evaporation of pool water
  • The action reduces loss of heat at night and cloudy days
  • Two years full guarantee and limited during the entire 6 Years


  • The material feels luxurious and is simple to trim.
  • The top layers of the warm water faster than the bottom layers
  • Family and friends might love this blanket.
  • Works great pool heated up in 3 days


  • They are heavy and might rip away.
  • Great only for one season only for the defective ones
  • After one season the water does not warm properly
  • No difference in water temperature sometimes

5. 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle

This solar blanket is perfect for your pool, your savings, and to nature. It takes warmth from the solar rays and directs it into the swimming pool. And it also blocks the trapped heat from being lost. Moreover, the best part is that the solar cover decreases the need for chemicals. That is because it blocks debris that enters the pool, saving you money.

Pools that have high heat circulation benefit from this bubble cover. That is where the temperature is equal from the top to lowest point. This best solar pool cover might help trap all the heat. You also shall not have any trouble while using the pump when the cover is on – it doesn't get forced into the skimmer. Moreover, the chlorine build up will not deteriorate the liner.

The pool cover prevents the entry of dirt, and it also collects the heat of the sun's rays. It will lead to increase in the temperature of the water. The superior quality of polymer plastic has robust, united seams. These put the blanket in a single place. You might use the best pool cover to have a memorable pool experiences alongside friends. The heat from the pool water shall allow them to get lots of joyful time.

The main features of the 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover:

12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle
  • Re-directs the solar heat into the pool
  • While also preventing the loss of the heat
  • Easy to trim using scissors to fill up oval, irregular and kidney shaped pools
  • Limited guarantee of seven years
  • Sun’s heat retains in the blanket in 10 feet round pools
  • Decrease evaporation to 95 percent
  • Contains a carry bag for easy storing while not at use
  • Fits right inside the edges of the swimming pool
  • Buoyancy helps it stay in place


  • A solar blanket that could lengthen the swimming season
  • No need to use extra dollars for solar and electric pump
  • The average pool temperature rises to 12 degrees F
  • Family starts using the pool two months earlier
  • Good for pools that get 8 hours or more direct sunlight
  • Ideal for warmer places
  • Can position the cover on the pool covered for five days a week


  • Starts breaking while using within the first season
  • Small parts of blue plastic float over the pool
  • One of the seams rips apart from 2 feet towards the seam
  • Takes lot of time and energy to wind it up over the reel
  • Two people needed, one at the seam to ensure the blanket is rolled flat on the reel
  • And the other turns the crank

Which is the best solar pool cover according to you? Hope you would send us your opinions in the space below. Please share this article with friends online. The post might help others to find the best solar pool cover. Come back here for more good information. Until then just lay the beautiful solar pool covers on the pool and relax.

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