Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub
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The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami inflatable hot tub is an affordable hot tub, which can be, carried anywhere and can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults. This is a portable hot tub, as the installation can be done anywhere inside or outside within minutes. A layman can install the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami as well the name itself stated Bestway Lay-Z. The soothing temperature of 104-degree F and the jets massage is the perfect or even lavish to relax your muscles. The Lazy-Z Spa Miami also comes up with amazing features like digital control panel, a setup and maintenance guide DVD, filter cartridges (twin pack) and a chemical floater. It is an economical way to enjoy Jacuzzi and your place.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami inflatable is the economic hot tub that is comfortable to accommodate up to 4 adults. This mobile, inflatable hot tub can be very easily installed without any professional help either indoor or outdoor at your place. The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami is bit smaller and holds less water when compared with to the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa. All other features remain same from setting up to relaxation in the portable hot tub. Who don’t want to relax with their spouse or mates or family on a lazy Sunday morning or any other day and just forget all the worries of the hectic world?

Product Features

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

1. Digital controls

The familiar digital control panel is the most amazing feature of the Bestway Miami.  It sits on top of the inflation and heating mechanism and provides digital access to all of the functions in the hot tub. The panel can be found without getting out of the hot tub. The control panel includes:

  • Auto lock – There is a five-minute auto lock on the control panel. To release the controls, hold this button down for three seconds.
  • Temperature control – On the left and right side, there are buttons with an arrow, which is access to increase and decrease the water temperature of the portable hot tub.

2. Bubbles

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami features 120 bubbles that provide the gentle relaxation to the body and the muscles. Many owners prefer bubbles to thundering real jets of the hot tub.

3. Heat Pump

The heat pump warms the water to the soothing temperature of 104 degrees F to relax the muscles of your body.

4. Inflatable Cover

Designed to preserve the heat of the water when the to the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub not in use and also to keep the Debris out.

5. Chemical Floater

The floater helps to maintain the water always fresh and in the usable condition by just floating around in the tub.

Pros & Cons


  • Economical price: The Miami hot tub is very affordable, and one can get the exposure of Jacuzzi at their place without spending the bag of fewer dollars.
  • Easy installation: It can be installed very quickly; no professional expert is needed for installation. It can be moved either side outside or inside. It also has Inflatable lid that attaches with Velcro to the tub.
  • Solid and sturdy construction: It comes up with solid and sturdy construction. The mechanism and making of this tub is done keeping in mind the comfort level of the user.
  • Safety: Power plug works with standard 120v outlet and has water-safety tripping functionality. Consumers suggested that putting the tub on its circuit has added security, and there has no report on breaker-tripping problems till now.
  • Gentle relaxation: Foam padded bottom is comfortable to sit on, even with the hot tub on concrete. Users report that the noise level of the heat pump and bubble massage system is relatively quiet, about like a loud hum. It is an excellent option for tenants or anyone those who move frequently.


  • Limit of temperature: Many of the consumers wish to enjoy the temperature of the water over 104-degree F. But there is a limit to that in this hot portable water tub.
  • Overhead cost: Water chemicals aren't included, although the chemical floater is. It is an ongoing cost. Water splashes over the sides whenever the cover is removed, which is an issue if the tub is placed inside. It is thereby, recommended not to set the tub on the carpet or any other surface that could be damaged by water.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Filters requires cleaning on a daily basis and replacements weekly, resulting in an ongoing expense. The manual recommends draining and refilling the tub every three days, which is a considerable cost in both time and money, not to mention having to wait for the new water to heat up.
  • Inconvenience: You can’t run the bubbles and the heater at the same time. The air that makes the bubbles moves is cold air, which you can feel if you put your hands directly next to the jets. The water temperature will drop about 2-4 degrees in about 30 minutes. Some users reported that the tub loses airing capacity if left away for weeks together or if there's a temperature swing of 4 degrees.
  • Safety: There can be a smell of plastic at the first point, but you can get out of this by leaving the tub up for 24 hours. The cord length of 15 feet may fall short, but if you need more length than provided, you may opt for an extension cord; however, there are chances of electrical overload and cord damage.


With the relaxing water temperature of 104 Degree F and massage jets, the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami is the perfect relaxing activity that anyone would like to take time out of their busy schedules. It is perfect to soak in the hot tub after the hard day at work or as a luxurious treat with your spouse to enjoy and spend time together. It has all the fantastic features that can satisfy and create value worth to any customer who is buying one for them. The digital control panel allows you to control the temperature of the water without putting your step out, and the bubbles and jet massage will provide immense relaxation to your body.

A set of a guide will help you to guide you to the things you need to do for installation, and the chemical floater will maintain the freshness of your water. I am sure after reading this article you will be running out to buy one for your place as well.

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Ross says April 10, 2017

Do NOT buy this Best way hot tub. I went through 4 heater/pumps during my one year warranty and the pump still does not work. I will never buy another.

Nick Schultz says December 12, 2017

After much consideration my wife and I made the decision 7 months ago to purchase a Palm Springs hydrojet Lay-z-spa as a tenth wedding anniversary gift to each other – something we hoped we would get a lot enjoyment and use out of, for a long time to come.

Initially all was well, it was easily installed and operated very well and we were extremely happy with our purchase. This being the case, we had to pack the spa away shortly after purchasing it as local conditions weren’t conducive to running it. Recently, we excitedly got it back out as conditions were again good and set it up again.

Now, in my ownership I had diligently maintained it, as it cost a lot of money – as you are all probably aware. My maintenance of the spa also, most definitely included paying attention to safe inflation pressure limits – that being 1.2 PSI. So with all this in mind, I set it up about two weeks ago and had since used it, maybe 3 or 4 times. All in all, since purchasing it, a total usage of definitely no more than one month. You could even tell it was barely used, as there was next to no discolouration inside the pool.

So, a few days ago I decide to heat the spa up for a dip later that night and as I’m sitting in my lounge I hear an extremely loud POP, puzzled I went outside and looked around trying to figure out what it was. I couldn’t, so I went back inside, only to hear another loud POP a short while later. I went back outside and to my horror observed a large bulge in the liner and instantly realised what had happened.

Immediately I called the sales agent in the country I live and was told that despite it’s light usage and due to it being a month out of warranty, the best they could do was offer another liner at cost price – not really good enough if you ask me given it’s usage. Interestingly, as it turns out, all of the Palm Springs hydrojet liners are out of stock – go figure…

I can’t speak to the other Lay-z-spa products, but assume they are likely as shoddily constructed as the Palm springs and as such it is my recommendation that the Best(more aptly named WORST)way, Palm Springs lay-z-spa hydrojet model, should be avoided like the the PLAGUE! In hindsight I wish I had spent more on a solid spa, which would have actually lasted and this would be the advice I would give to anyone thinking about purchasing a worstway pop-up spa. Again – an extremely weak product and a giant waste of money. Save your hard earned cash and spend it on something that actually lasts – LONGER THAN A MONTH!!!!!