There are so many ways to beat the heat. You can always go to the nearest resort in your town or visit the beach. If you want something different, you can even take a vacation and go somewhere that offers a wide variety of water sports for you to engage in.

However, the above-mentioned activities can compromise your budget. If you want to simmer down from the sun’s intense rays, you can do it from the very recesses of your own home.

Spice up your home with your very own backyard showers. Typically speaking, showers are integrated inside our homes as a coveted piece in our respective bathrooms. Nevertheless, it is time to awaken your inner creative self and go outdoors. This will not only prove to be a good addition to your humble abode, but it will also give you the resort feels that your body yearns for.


Planning to put up your very own outdoor shower while saving Mother Earth? A solar shower may just be the right one for you. You can place the solar collector just right outside your shower. Get yourself acquainted with how to install a solar collector from your backyard, and before you know it, your hot water now has a solar-heated source. Very clever, isn’t it?


When the weekend is just around the corner, and you’ve got nothing else to do, you can try getting your hands on some tools that will help you build a backyard shower that you can finish over the weekend. It need not be expensive for as long as it can serve you the same purpose- to keep you cool despite the heat.


If you are too lazy to come up with your own customized design, a mobile shower is apt for you. Outdoor shower enclosures are the new trend these days. It is portable and it gives a level of privacy to some of you who are too modest to just bear it all. Another thing is that you can easily take it apart if you want to store it over the winter, or you simply want a new location for your mobile shower.


Who needs wallpaper when you have one right outside your home? Make the most of your picturesque landscape by setting up your outdoor shower alongside that spectacular view. However, this might pose a problem for you if you are on your way to work because taking a shower will consume more time as per usual. Just show your boss around your outdoor shower and he/she will surely understand your dilemma.


Another way of making the most out of your home space is to extend your indoor bathroom outside. It creates an, even more, relaxing ambiance that will give you the ultimate shower experience. This seamless design gives you an easy transition between resort feels and the comfort of your own home.


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Add some rustic feel to your backyard shower by incorporating bamboo woodwork on your stall. By adding some stone pieces, it gives your shower an organic beauty that will blend right in your own backyard.


There’s a reason why most people would prefer DIYs, and that is because they can channel their inner self in their creations. If you are a surfing master, add a surfing board to your décor. Feel free to add any form of memorabilia to your backyard shower. After all, adding a personal touch to your design and feeling good about it is what really matters the most.


Believe it or not, it is not only us humans who crave water. Give your plants some tender loving by including them in your regular shower habit. Choose plants that will accentuate your backyard showers. You don’t have to be a certified botanist to be able to learn first-hand the art of landscaping outdoor showers.


Just because you are a city dweller doesn’t mean that you can’t put up your own backyard shower. You will be amazed at other examples of ideal locations where you can install an outdoor shower. For those people living in the city, you can place one on your balconies or rooftops. Just make sure that it is enclosed. You might have neighbors who collect telescopes for a living and might spot you while you are taking a shower. Oops!

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