Eliminate Bugs and Flies: Here’s How

Name one person in this world who adores pests- none. People are just itching to get rid of pests whenever they invade a household. However, you will be quite surprised since the agricultural sectors are actually starting to accept livestock that has been fed with certain species of pest.

The big question is: Are you willing to buy food that has been loaded with insect larvae? This is another topic that we should save for another time. The truth remains that pests can still pose a threat to our everyday living.

Bugs and flies are the ones most commonly found in our very own household. Eliminating these pests is very important for sanitary purposes.

Here are some tips on how to eradicate the presence of bugs and flies in your homes:


pest management

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A well-guarded entrance can keep invaders from conquering your kingdom. The same goes when it comes to pest control. Careful examination of your home will give you an idea as to where pests can possibly enter. Keep an eye on your doors and the other gaps in your house that will serve as possible entry points for pests and apply door sealing techniques. You can try installing a door sweep so that your door bottom will be completely covered. Nonetheless, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always keep the door closed at all times.


For some of you who are living in a tropical country, it will be very tempting to open your doors as you try to let the cool breeze enter your home. However, in doing so, you are also inviting bugs and flies to go inside as well. Prevent this from happening by putting up a screen on your door so that even if your door is wide open, you still have a secondary layer of protection.


A pest’s niche is found on the outside. Hence, it is completely natural that pests will be driven towards your yard. That’s why your responsibility as a homeowner does not stop on your doorstep. You have to keep an eye on your yard’s cleanliness as well. Remove any form of debris as this will serve as a perfect hiding spot for bugs and flies to breed and multiply.

pest management

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If bugs and flies love debris outside your home, they also love to breed in a messy home as this will give them more hiding spot options. This should motivate you to keep your house clean at all times. Stack newspapers and magazines neatly, sweep regularly, and wash the dishes after use. These small tasks will help in preventing pest infestation before it is going to blow out of proportion. Remember to store your food properly as this will also invite pests. Keep them in airtight containers. After all, it is not only us humans who have a strong affinity for food.


It is not enough that you have successfully tidied up your place. Storing your trash properly will also help in eliminating bugs and flies from trampling all over it. Trash bins should have a lid on it to prevent odor exposure. Keep tabs as to when you should empty your trash. Make sure that you also clean your trash bins in case there are some spillage. Maintaining cleanliness could not be emphasized any further for this will serve as a turning point as to whether or not your home is worth invading by these home pests or not.


You can always opt to kill bugs and flies with a pesticide. However, this will not only endanger pests but our health as well. Prevent this from happening by going natural and set up a trap instead. All you need is a jar, sugar water, and a funnel. Place the sugar water inside the jar that will serve as bait for bugs and flies. Place the funnel on the mouth of the jar. You can put this trap anywhere in your house where you think it is very likely to have bugs and flies.

How does this trap work? These pests will be drawn to the sugar water. Once they pass through the funnel, they will have a hard time in getting out due to the diameter of the funnel- Problem solved!

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