How to Care for Garden Tools

Owning a garden could also mean owning some garden tools especially when you are so fond of organizing and maintaining the beauty of your garden. There is a long list of gardening tools a garden owner could have. There are tools for planting, cleaning, and trimming. Some tools are made of plastics which are cheap and can easily break, but mostly are made of steel which prove to be more durable and long lasting.

Having quality and well-kept garden tools is almost as important as spending time out in the garden is. Your tools are what will give you the ability to plant, dig up, and tend to a garden, so they will also be part of determining if the garden remains healthy or not.

It is important to remember that tending to your tools is similar to tending to your garden. The two intersect, and they are both parts of being a good gardener and having a thriving garden that has an impact on your home, clients, or community.

Unfortunately, this is not a topic talked about much. Many blogs and sites on gardening will advise you to get any tools that do the job, and almost none tell you about how to care for them individually. With any profession or hobby, much more goes into the process than what you may expect.

When buying gardening tools, make sure you buy the highest quality you can afford. Good gardening tool or quality tool could mean it is long lasting, something you can use for a long period of time. Gardening tools are mostly used manually, they require you to use your own bear hands most of the time, so make sure to buy gardening tools that are comfortable for you, something that fit your hand so you can work easily and with ease. Never settle for less; always invest for the best. That is why it is recommended to invest in gardening tools that are made from stainless steel. They may be quite pricey, but you can use them for a long time.

As mentioned earlier, there is a long list of gardening tools a garden owner could have. In this article, you will be able to know the five basic and must have gardening tools for every gardener. Also, you will learn their uses and how to take good care of them. The following gardening tools are:

  1. Shovel– this is used for preparing the soil for planting. It is a tool use for digging, lifting, or moving of materials such as soil.
  2. Trowel– it is a small hand tool used for digging or moving of smaller plants. It is often used for container gardening.
  3. Garden rake– this tool can be used for both cleaning and gardening. It works like a broom; it gathers dried fallen leaves and dead grasses for you to collect it easily. In gardening, it is used for working your soil. It is used for leveling and loosening of your soil.
  4. Pruner– a pruner is a type of scissors used to cut flowers or plants to maintain its shape and beauty.
  5. Garden fork– it is also a hand tool that is used for loosening and lifting of soil. It works like a garden rake except that it is smaller than the rake.

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Having gardening tools that are of high quality is a smart investment for every garden owner, and the smart way to protect and maintain them is to clean them properly every after use. Here are the five tips for you to know how to take good care of your gardening tools:

1. Cleaning of gardening tools

There is nothing more effective solution or way of cleaning your gardening tools than cleaning it with water. Cleaning your gardening tools simply with water can assure you to remove all the soil that the tool acquired during the gardening process. It will ensure you to remove all the pests, diseases, or pests’ eggs that come with the soil. After washing your gardening tools with water, always keep them dry by wiping them with a dry rag or a piece of old cloth to prevent them from rust.

2. Ways to avoid or eliminate rust

One traditional and well-known way of protecting your gardening tools from rust is the use of sand. Get a bucket, fill it with sand and put your tools inside. The sand will absorb the moisture from your tools to keep them dry. Motor oil is also one of the effective ways to protect your gardening tools from rust. You can mix it in your bucket full of sand, or you can apply it directly to your gardening tools after washing them with water and drying them with a rag.

3. Grinding and Sharpening 

 Gardening tools perform better work if they are always sharp. You can use sandpaper to remove any rust. There are also electrical tools you can buy for you to grind and sharpen your gardening tools easily.

taking care of gardening tools

4. Storage

It is important that you have a safe place or a specific area for your gardening tools. It is for you to make sure that all your gardening tools are secured, and it is also for your own convenience to get them right away when you needed them. The easiest way to store your gardening tools is by punching a hole right in the outmost part of the handle.

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Jesse Nelson says August 18, 2018

Great article !! Love to read this article. It really gives me some information that I’m looking for, thanks and keep sharing 🙂

Dennis Sanchez says August 3, 2019

I never knew that sand can be used to absorb the rust off of garden tools. I’ve been using the same gardening tools for a long time now, and they are all covered in rust. I’m going to my local hardware store to buy some new tools and I’ll have to follow your advice on making the new tools last longer.

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