How to Refinish Old Deck and Patio Furniture

Do you have old deck furniture that looks old and worn out already? It’s pretty normal for wooden outdoor furniture to wear out after some time when they are exposed to the elements of nature. Wooden tables and chairs would often be affected by rain, snow, sunlight, bugs, and bacteria. All of those factors would contribute to the dilapidated look that most old wooden furniture would have. Of course, buying new furniture will entail more spending. Is there any way to fix old deck furniture and make it look almost new? Fortunately there are ways to refinish old furniture so they will still look nice. Here are a few tips that can help with this.

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Out with the Old

What do you have to do before you apply new finish on old wood? Well, you simply remove the old finishing first. One of the advantages of having the elements wear out your wooden furniture is that it allows you to take out the old finish easily. Take out old bits of paint or varnish that has been used on the chair or table so that you can apply a new coating. There are two ways you can do this. You can either use a high pressure hose to douse the coating away or you can scrape off the finish manually. It is easier if you use a high pressure hose because the strong water pressure can just force the paint off or just moisten it so it will be easier to take out. In any case, both methods will depend on what you prefer.

In with the New

 After the old finish and the paint has been removed, the next step would be to put a fresh new coating. Now, one tip that I would have for those who are applying finish on their wooden furniture would be to use foam brushes instead of paint brushes because they are very cheap and disposable. Paint brushes would usually harden after a short period of time which forces you to buy again. If you want to save even more money, you can make you own foam brush that you can dispose after some time. What makes foam brushes great is that they don’t dry up like regular paintbrushes. If you need to use it again later, you can use it right away without having to wash it or soak it. Also, foam brushes are a lot less messy because they can absorb liquid which means that not much of it will fall on the floor.

Once you apply the finish, make sure to let it dry. Many people make the mistake of leaving the furniture outside to dry. If you do that, bugs or dirt could stick to it and you will have a hard time cleaning in the future. the best option would be to bring the furniture inside the house first and allow it to dry there. Once the furniture has already dried, you can bring it back out.

Maintaining the New

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Right after you fully finish your wood furniture, you have to care for them and maintain them. They are going to be affected by the weather conditions. When you clean your furniture, the wood will also be affected because of the friction and the water. In order to preserve the finish, you can regularly apply some soft paste wax. Just putting a thin coating regularly can do wonders for your wooden chair or table. After you apply the wax, leave it on for around five minutes and then you can use a cloth to buff it and spread it afterwards. This will preserve the finish and make it last longer.

Following those three steps will not only allow you to have a new and beautiful finish but also a long lasting one. The technique given above is created so that you won’t have to spend much effort on regularly varnishing your wooden furniture after they wear out. Why do you have to waste money and energy when you can keep them on for a very long time?

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judy wilson says June 21, 2016

Thanks for these tip for refinishing my old patio furniture. Removing the old finish and paint and applying a new coat on my wooden furniture seems like good advice. New paint and finish would make my patio chairs look great, so I should get started on that. My family is coming in from out of town next month, so this will give me the chance to make my patio furniture look nice by the time they arrive.

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