Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress With Never Flat Pump Review


The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat Pump is an inexpensive, state-of-the-art product that makes your nights the best sleep you may have in your entire life.

This awesome air mattress (or airbed, as some call it) is designed to withstand the test of time and as a stand-alone bed, meaning, you can use it in its original state, without any need for layover.

This Twin-size bed could be used practically anywhere, from your room to your kids’ college dorm refuge, camping (with power source) and other outdoor activities, staying away for a holiday or for perennial house guests visiting your home and many other uses.

The operation and use of this high-tech bed is so convenient and quick, it does not need elaborate skill just to utilize the airbed. Know the basics and the amazing features this piece of bedroom technology have which could give healthful and truly amazing benefits.

Product Features

1. Dual Pump System

The legally protected NeverFLAT AC Pumps are what make this wholesome air mattress differ from other conventional airbed. These dual pump systems enable the primary unit to inflate and deflate the airbed in just a matter of minutes.

While the auxiliary pump (secondary) monitors and maintains the air pressure of the bed to your preferred firmness. This pump has sensors that track the air pressure. You don’t have to wake up in the middle of your perpetual sleep just to check out the air pressure, you are assured of the constant pressure you so desired.

2. Auto Shut Off Feature

The NeverFLAT pumps’ primary unit of the Insta-bed could be controlled automatically. You don’t have to frequently check on it. The system enables you to inflate the bed as the pump automatically shuts off when the right air pressure is attained. In case of deflating, it also automatically stops when the bed is totally deflated.

The pump follows your entered info on the control dial, whether it is set as Plush, Medium or Firm. Further instructions are well written on the face dial of the pumps, so you will not be confused of your adjustment. Totally user friendly!

3. 21 Circular Coil Construction

The Twin-size airbed is made up of 21circular coils that do not squeak even with prolong used. These coils level up and enhance a strong support on your back and the whole body but with a soft sensation while you lay on the bed. This awesome sensation creates utmost relaxation while you sleep. The leveled surface keeps your sheets always in place even whether you sleep on your sides or back.

4. Lightweight, Portable

The whole bed unit only weighs 16.98 lbs. much lighter than any other types of this size. The product dimensions are as follows: 18 X 39 X 74 inches (Twin-size) which is typically portable and can be carried anywhere you want especially when you have to travel.

5. Adequate Height

The maximum raise height of the Insta-bed is 18 inches, a very comfortable length conducive to all ages. This height is normally what sleepers prefer to make getting in and getting out of the bed really easy and convenient. The height will never hurt you in case you are a “naughty” sleeper and you accidentally fell off the bed.

6. Quality and Durable Material

As an impenetrable bed, it is basically made from durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) customized to make sure the casing does not burst even when accidentally over pressurized (which is almost impossible to happen as the pumps, as we have stated, are fully-automatic). It is also puncture proof, making it practically indestructible when used properly.

7. Water Resistant

To protect the built-in motors, the air mattress is constructed in such a way that the moving and electrical parts are totally protected from water and any kind of fluid that may pour on its surface. You are truly safe to have your breakfast in bed even when you have milk coffee or juice on your menu.

8. Power Saver

The NeverFlat Pumps are certified power savers because of its auto features. The pumps need electricity only during your initial use (inflating) and the successive ones are during the maintenance of constant pressure which is not regularly done because the air pressure is practically maintained during the course of the night.

The primary pump only uses electricity whenever the bed loses its pressure which is not too often, hence you only use minimal amount of power.

Pros & Cons


  • Pumps’ quiet operation: The AC pumps powering the bed operates quietly and do not disturb on your sleep even though it is built-in in the bed.
  • With carry bag: The product comes with free carry bag made from the finest polyester fabric and with strap sewn with the strongest seam. You can certainly carry the bed easily and virtually anywhere.
  • Made in USA: Buyers and customers of this firm but soft and durable air mattress are certainly assured of its immense features and high quality as it is certified wholly made in the US with the best craftsmanship possible.
  • Never sags, never down: The Insta-bed is being truly honest with its name. Since it is equipped with the most advanced design in maintaining constant air pressure, it doesn’t sag and never dull even in a slightest moment during your sleep. Really cool!


  • Can’t tuck sheets: The bed is constructed in such a way that the sheet can’t be tucked if you prefer this arrangement. But the best way is to have a sheet that has an elastic seam which is more convenient and “clean-looking”. Ordinary sheets could be used without tucking though, anyway, the bed is designed to keep sheets in place because of its flocked top.


Basically priced lower than the nearest competitors, the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump is still becoming more popular even after years of introduction to the Amazon market years ago. The ease of use, low price, the durable material and almost all of its immense features make this air mattress the talk of the town.

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Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump
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Review Summary:

A certified hit, the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump is currently ranked No. 10 in the Amazon’s Air Mattress category and is enjoying 85% satisfactory rating among its 3,412 satisfied customers, as of this writing. The affordable price and its salient features bring this air mattress to the hearts (and bodies) of its loyal and truly satisfied customers. Really an instant bed!

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