Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Review

Review Summary:

If you wish to have a hot tub so that you can feel the ultimate luxury of relaxation and rejuvenation, your search ends with the marvelous portable bubble massage spa, which is a highly simplified machine. It has a limited amount of options from which the adjustment of the performance jets can be made. This is an inflatable as well as a portable hot tub, which is available in the market today! It will be possible for you to have fun when you use this inflatable hot tub with your loved ones. You should grab some more details about the product. It is a spa set that will add to the aesthetic appeal of the entire area where a user wishes to place it.

Intex Purespa Portable Bubble Spa Set

You can come across many different kinds of these portable hot tubs and spas that are available in the market today. It is a small portable bubble massage spa, which when emptied with water can be easily transferred to a new location. It comes complete with an air pump with which you can inflate the tub within the time of 15 minutes. When it has been inflated, water is added and the heating units are activated.

What’s more, you can even fold it and flatten if not utilized. The portable bubble massage spa can also be looked at as a piece of good-looking patio furniture. It provides nice-looking Scandinavian hot tubs and effective wooden hot tubs with lots of accessories which you can purchase from the inside or the outside of your house.

Amenities such as exercise equipment, lighting, entertainment systems, and water misters can all be added to your hot tub so as to provide you with a more spa experience. The portable spas are becoming more popular as they are easy to set up and run. You can come across many families who are converting their bathrooms to accommodate the installation of an indoor portable bubble massage spa tub to make their relaxation center more convenient and private.


1. Comfortable and sturdy

You will get this tub with a smooth surface that provides the utmost comfort to you and your family. Here, it is necessary to mention that this portable bubble massage spa can easily accommodate up to four persons at a time. I haven’t got any feeling so far that the tub is exerting some pressure or making any weird sounds. You will not find any built-in seats, so you will have to sit at the bottom of the tub. It feels as if though you are sitting on an inflated mattress.

2. Digital Control Panel

You can easily use the controls of this hot tub. It’s because of the simple digital control panels. You can select the proper temperature without being confused. You can also turn the digital control panel to one hundred and twenty heated bubble sprays on and off. You will also not have to worry about the safety of the control panel because the company has done it for you. You can also find a hard plastic lift-up that covers the panel from getting in touch with water.

3. Hard-Water Treatment System

You can purchase this hot tub with a built-in hard water treatment system. It is enough to the gentle soothing of clean water when you swim in the unit.

4. Heat Pump

The heat pump of the portable bubble massage spa is very effective as it keeps the water to a refreshing 104 degrees. The heat, which is generated in the tub, is maintained with the help of an insulated cover. The heat pump also helps to keep the bugs out and automatically snaps with a self-locking system.

5. Inflates Quickly

This small portable bubble massage spa can be inflated very quickly, you will only have to remove the back panel, attach the air hose and push the start button.

6. Insulated Cover and Lock

It is this feature, which helps a lot in reducing heat loss. They also make the product safer as you use it.

7. Replaceable Filter Cartridges

You can get it with two unique filter cartridges, which can easily be replaced. They make the water clean and refreshing. Buy It From Amazon! 

Pros & Cons


  • Affordability: You can come across hot tub or spa, which is being sold at a very expensive price, but this massage spa set is quite affordable. It is also able to provide the same sort of features that one would expect to see in a ‘real’ hot tub or spa.
  • Durability: It is a sturdy product meaning that it will remain intact for a long period of time.
  • Filter: The filter of this product makes a buzzing sound, which is justified, but is not noisy.
  • Material: Its inside material is pretty soft, so there is nothing to worry about hurting your back.
  • Portability: Being portable, you can place it anywhere in the house. Since it is a portable hot tub, it can easily accommodate up to four people meaning that your entire family can enjoy the hot bath together. The material, which is used in the making of this tub, prevents it from getting punctured even if pets scratch it.


  • Cleaning: You will have to clean it manually, which can be a strenuous task.
  • Heat Pump: When bubbles are turned on, the heat pump and the heater will stop working. It is not at all a major problem unless a person wants to sit in the tub for a long time.
  • Outlets: The outlets of this portable bubble massage spa leak, so people need to get black rubber rings to avoid leakage.
  • Temperature: You will be requiring a full day for the water to get to the maximum temperature. Before, you fill the tub; you should empty the tub so as to dissipate the smell of the plastic. People have to wait in order to enjoy a hot, refreshing bath.

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This Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is still the best portable inflatable hot tub that you can ever use. There will be no issues in using it. It will also be possible for you to move this portable inflatable hot tube from one place to another based on your needs and desires. So, why not make an effort to purchase it soon?

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