How To Renovate Your Kitchen In A Limited Budget?

Renovating the most important as well as a crucial room of your house might seem quite daunting for the time being as it is hard to adjust or find an alternative to an out of operation kitchen. Well, if you have not been able to get through with your renovation idea, I believe you haven’t considered every possible way.

Even though it is very important, people often tend to postpone or consistently reschedule their plan of kitchen renovation because of time or budget constraint. Seeing that as a common occurrence among most of the families and individuals, we are here with an economical solution for you to renovate your kitchen for a brand new look and experience.

Renovation under Thousand Bucks

If you are on a tight leash regarding money to spend, and you can find no broken appliance, door, cupboard, drawer or faulty hinge, you might just need a single trip to the local hardware outlet to give a completely new look to your kitchen. Here is what you need to have on your shopping list for a quick revamp in limited time and budget:

1. Tile Paint

Tile paint can be used to revamp and polish the tiles of your kitchen once again for that clean and shiny look to give a brand new look.

2. Laminate Paint

The laminate paint is quite an affordable solution to revamp your laminated wood used in drawers and cupboards. Instead of replacing the laminates, it is better to get them painted once again.

3. Tile and Laminate Primer

Of course, a primer, to be applied to the tiles or laminates before you start with the painting process.

4. Rust Appliance and Stainless Steel Paint

Rust appliance and stainless steel paint are appropriate to bid farewell to any rusty portions of hinges, hooks, taps and other appliance or metal parts. Rather than going for a replacement for each of them, you can just get the really bad ones replaced while you can make do with the rest by applying paint to prevent further rusting.

What do you need to do?

After getting these items on your shopping list here is what you can do start revamping your kitchen. The procedure as we mentioned is not going to cost you over a thousand bucks, and you can surely wrap it within just three or four days.

1. Take a Notice

First of all, take a close notice of your kitchen and note down every detail which might require some work in your revamp process. This includes:

  • Assessing the colour of the walls
  • Checking the tiles
  • The flooring
  • Pipe connections
  • Appliance
  • Functionality of cupboards and drawers

Try to make a list of what requires immediate attention that might need to be replaced or done all over again and also include the things that you can make do with by small touch ups.

2. Casting Magic with Paint

There is nothing more powerful than the magic of paint and how it can transform even the worst looking spaces into decent and attractive rooms.

So why not use the same for your beloved kitchen space?

Not just the walls there, use paint for every possible stuff so that you have a magnificent new look within two days (Estimating that you do it all by yourself). Before you paint, I would recommend that you do scratch off the paint layer with sandpaper and then apply primer for the paint layer to spread smoothly.

So there you go- walls, cupboards, drawers, sink, appliances and laminate stuff are all sporting a brand new look which you would love for sure.

3. Revamping the Flooring

Now handling the flooring can be very tricky because you might not be able to lay the flooring down again and again. If budget is too tight, you can go for floor paint and polish but as per my views, a few extra bucks can get you brand new flooring made of vinyl that can be applied to existing floors.

If you explore more, you can also get other cost-effective flooring options such as laminate wooden floor boards.

4. Remodeling the Drawers and Cupboards

Drawers and cupboard remodeling are necessary, but sometimes, just painting doesn’t cut it. So yes, you have to check for rusty handles, hinges and wearing laminate. If any of them are present, you can easily get the part changed, but if changing the laminate isn’t suiting your pocket well, you have the rust oleum laminate paint to work its magic.

This paint gives a new granite finish to your laminate, adding to the aesthetics of your cooking space.

5. Better lighting

This is no hidden fact that lighting can make even the badly designed and coloured rooms look posh and luxurious. So if you are looking to revamp and remodel your kitchen, you do need to pay attention to the lighting aspect of the room as well.

Incandescent lighting is most preferred for an ambient yet bright light to help you cook and view better. If that seems to be out of the budget, you can simply go for energy efficient LED lights to be placed at just the appropriate positions to light up the entire space well.

Even though the lighting should depend entirely on your choice of paint colour, laminate colour and overall looks of your room, I would recommend that you get at least two different lights for your kitchen space including a strong one to be placed in the centre.

6. Adding a backsplash

It is odd that most of the kitchens still lack a backsplash. For just a few dollars, you can add a backsplash to your kitchen that will surely reflect elegance in look while adding to the appeal of your kitchen space. You don’t exactly need new tiles for the purpose as you can very well utilize old sprayed tiles which would last for years to come.

7. Hiring a specialist

Last but not the least, you can hire a specialist to speed things up and provide a better set of suggestions customized to your requirements, budget and kitchen space. No, they are not as costly as you think as you don’t need their supervision for all the time round. An hour every day will suffice.

You can utilize a few bucks to get expert insight into the remodeling process of your kitchen. After all, you are on a tight leash regarding money, and you would surely want all your efforts to and money spent to repay the intended value.


A kitchen renovation is not exactly a walk in the park for anyone, especially when you are short on time and budget. One might spend a good part of their fortune on the complete renovation of the kitchen space but why to do that when you can go for effective cost cutting solutions offered by us to save a lot without having to walk into that same old looking kitchen once again.

Instead of going for just looks and style, try to add durability and quality to your kitchen so that it would last longer while you save for the next big revamp/remodelling process. With the financial constraint hanging on your head, you need to act smart and make strategic decisions for effective renovation.

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