Small Backyard Design Ideas

 Just because your backyard or garden space is small and cramped up, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the act of beautifying it. Whether big or tiny, you can still make your place look appealing and striking. Although it is true that you won’t be able to drag in an enormous swing set, or even have the chance to enjoy the shade of a gigantic tree, you can still find a way to make a confined space look spacious and comfortable enough for people to appreciate and get themselves relaxed. In beautifying a small backyard or garden space, it is important to know that you are dealing with a small lot or land, so you must be wise in effectively using and bringing out the full potential of the given space. Remember, picking out the materials and designs to use is crucial. In here, our aim is to choose the right designs to prevent ourselves from buying the wrong stuff. Thus, we prevent ourselves from wasting our money. To guide you in making your congested garden space into a lovely and welcoming one, here is a guide for you to check out about small backyard design ideas:

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  • Tiered boxes for your plants

This is one brilliant way in using up your tiny space wisely. Because the boxes are in a tiered fashion, you are able to plant in more seeds in just a small given space. You can double or even triple the number of plants you can place when you compared it to using single pots as an arrangement. Plus, tiered boxes are seriously chic and charming, so try using one now and see the difference.

  • Start planting vertically

You can maximize the cramped space in your place by planting seeds vertically. You can start by placing herbs or tiny plants on pots, and then hang them vertically. You can use the walls as the base for your pot hangers. It will instantly add charm to a bleak wall.

  • Consider getting a grass rug

This may sound unnecessary, but getting one and placing it on your stoned patios will certainly make the whole place a lot bigger because it creates an illusion. Plus, it does not wilt, so you don’t have to worry about watering it every single day. Also, it makes your garden or backyard look fresher and neater.

  • Try hanging mirrors

Only hang mirrors that fit your backyard style. Adding mirrors in a stylish fashion will reflect all those greeneries that surround your place. Remember, the key is to check if the reflection of the mirror is pleasing to the eyes. If you are surrounded with tall buildings, try considering this option.

  • Wall art

By using a rectangular wooden or plastic tray, you can actually place divisions inside of it for the plants to be positioned. Once done, attached it on the walls. You can pick flowers or plants with short stems and vibrant colors for a best outcome.

  • Spiral designs

Just like tiered boxes, spiral designs are great in maximizing the tiny space of your garden or backyard. Instead of using one single pot on a given space, a spirally made pot can create wonders in terms of planting plenty of seeds in just a very limited space.

  • Stack your pots

idea for small backyard

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Stacking your pots from biggest to smallest will certainly help you to maximize the space. Aside from its charming design, you can actually place a lot of small plants or herbs on the spaces of the stacked pots. You just have to pick the right pots to use. Make sure the pots you are using create enough space for your plants to thrive and grow.

  • Mini storage

Of course, we don’t just focus on maximizing the space of your backyard for just your plants alone. Where would you place your tools and stuff for gardening? Certainly, you need a shed to do that. Since you have a small space, you don’t have to create a huge shed that will only eat out the entire space of your garden. Just by using an old unused door and some extra planks, you can already create a useful and endearing shed to use.

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