Top Outdoor Room Designs You Should Not Miss

There’s a saying that goes “A house is made of walls and beams; a home is made of love and dreams”. The ultimate goal of a homeowner is to build four solid walls of a house and fill the inside with little sprinkles of joy and comfort gifts that will make any guest who enters feel like a part of the family. To achieve this goal, it is essential that the decorations you use match the ambiance you wish to set in your abode. One of the special areas in your home where you have the creative freedom to get loud, crazy, dramatic, or whatever you’re feeling is literally in your own backyard.

Backyard and patio styles have evolved over the years. From simple and classic, designs have diversified to rustic, modern, colorful, and romantic designs; depending on who and what the space will be used for. This first quarter of 2016, here are some outdoor room designs that have made it to our top 5 favorites list:

Relaxed Solo Trip

Sometimes when life stresses us out, the need for personal space and meditation is an immediate must. The creation of a simple space just outside the usual (and thus boring) walls of your house and a few feet away from the busy streets of the city where you can read, relax, or maybe just stare into space is a convenience that is definitely most welcome. Essentials of this type of style are furniture and decorations that scream comfort like pillows, fresh colors, flowers, and sunny space with a view that stimulates your inner peace.

Fun time, Friends time

 After a busy work week packed with meetings and deadlines, some chill time and catching up with friends is the right answer to relax those muscles. A few bottles of beer and raucous conversations will make you lose the office worker docility; you’ve got to swing those hips, tap those shoes, and play that funky music. An ambiance that’s exclusive and cozy should do the trick. Put some wooden stools, several chairs, a grill, and if the budget permits it, throw in a pool for a bit of exercise and a lot of added fun.

Wine and Dine Sweet Escape

 Love, they say, makes the world go round, and what better way to celebrate the value of love than spending a night with your special someone in a romantic place? The beauty of creating a romantic spot just outside your home is less expensive yet still achieves the sweetness of the gesture of taking your significant other out on a date every once in a while. Throw in a bottle of wine, a table, some curvy chairs, and lights.

Boisterous Family Gatherings

They say that the family that eats together stays together; until there is still food left on the table, that is. Large family gatherings are affairs that can either envelop you in the warmth of the family you belong to or drive you crazy with the relatives that you had no option in choosing. Outdoor rooms with spacey areas are perfect venues for Sunday brunch with the family or reunions with relatives who you haven’t seen in a while. All you need is a spacious backyard, homey chairs and furniture, a grill for the barbecue, and long endless tables. You can add in an extra jukebox or stereos for a bit of music while munching on the sumptuous meals prepared. 

A Taste of the Modern Life

 If you’re the type to try new things and have a hard time appreciating the classic, don’t fret! There’s always a style that will fit your personality. The modern world offers us so much more to explore with sharps, curves, and edges that can symmetrically balance your taste or asymmetrically catch your sight. A quick browse through the modern-day creations will welcome us to the world of metallic-colored chairs and tables, polished wood, and uniquely shaped furniture.patio

How you design your space and who you design it for is an exercise for the mind and body that gives the designer a sense of satisfaction when imagination matches the visual output. So, if you have the space for it, take the chance to channel your creative juices, and have fun using this venue for the expression of your own style. After all, didn’t they say that there’s no place like your own home?

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