Trends in Putting Your Garden Inside

Gardening has never been this fun when you set it up indoors. Although challenges and difficulties might discourage you, the satisfaction you can get from indoor gardening is way too far from an ordinary outdoor gardening. Some of the challenges you might face are the kinds of indoor plants available in your area, accessibility to sunlight, watering, and possible contamination of soil. If you have small children and pets like dogs and cats around the house, the challenges are doubled up!

garden trends

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Never mind the challenges as you will be satisfied and get a lot of benefits from indoor gardening like health promotion, better delivery of oxygen, better humidity, and better ventilation. If you have a sick loved one, indoor gardening can be a great therapy for them.

Indoor gardening is not that expensive, you just need to choose the cheaper indoor plants, and accompany them with other stuffs like gardening stones, colorful sands, wooden works, and lightning; even the do-it-yourself stuff can work with indoor gardening.

To give you an idea, you can search for different trends in putting your garden inside. It is important to choose the best style that suits your lifestyle and space. So, check these latest trends in indoor gardening and!

Latest Indoor Garden Trends:


It is a type of gardening that does not use soil, and surprisingly uses water and mineral nutrient solution. This can be a great compliment for aquariums and also a great installation near your kitchen sink. Can you imagine the possibilities and potential of hydroponics?

Industrial Indoor Garden

It can be very useful if you are cooking your own food. Have you ever tried cooking and adding a bunch of freshly picked basil leaves for your pesto sauce? Well, you can do that too, and you don’t have to spend too much money for your dishes!


They are one of the cutest and stunning indoor garden set-ups that you too can have. You can make one by following the steps here. Gather your materials so you can start making your own.

Kitchen window garden

It is a great idea if you are a food enthusiast! Don’t you love to see a little green, yellow, orange, and red in your kitchen? Also, have some freshly picked cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce for your salad that come from your own kitchen!

garden trends

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Model house indoor garden

It is just like a terrarium that you will definitely be in love with! You can make your own model house and decorate it with real plants. You can put it anywhere in the house– on the bar top, on the table, in your room, at the bookshelves, and anywhere it is possible! Plus, it is also a great decoration to impress your friends and visitors; you can even encourage them to have one!

Lighting indoor garden

It is perfect if you have kids around as they get even more excited when they see twinkling things, and you can even encourage them to love and take care of the plants. This lighting indoor garden can also serve as your living room lights that add coziness to your house.

Canned indoor garden

This can be so much fun. You can decorate your used tin cans and cola cans, and put some plants inside. Pile them up on a living room console or on your window so they have access on the sunlight.

Hanging garden

It is perfect for bathrooms, and it will also promote a relaxing bath!


It is one of the latest trends that everyone is talking about. It can be easily grown, needs less water and less sunlight, so it is perfect for indoor planting! Everyone seems to be crazy about succulent. You can also make yours just like this one– perfect as your table centerpiece.


It can never be out of trend when it comes to indoor gardening. Some of the great herbs that are excellent for indoor gardening are Basil, Oregano, Chives, Thyme, Rosemary, and Tarragon. So, you will get all the spices you need for a nice pasta casserole.

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