Winter Wonderland Landscaping You Should Try

Try to imagine that it’s snowing outside. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the breeze of the air. The smell of the cool air will make you think of beautiful scenery. Birds, trees, plants – all are coated with white, icy particles. These icy particles also cover the road, the garden, the big vacant lot. Since we have a powerful brain that creates images within that sometimes beyond our reach, for sure we want to have the same thing for our backyard or within the vicinity of our house.

garden in winter

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Did you explicitly see the twigs of the trees without its leaves? How about the mounting snows on top of the bushes? Maybe you want to go out and try to make yourself a snowman. It’s very pleasant to see.

Open your eyes. Do you want to try these things and put them into reality?  Do you want to plan now for winter wonderland landscapes, or do you just want to stick yourself in a couch, thinking about the landscapes that you wanted to do? Pondering about them might not work.

The first thing to do with these landscapes is to identify the area: living room view, patio door, or kitchen window. Well, you have the option to include everything. Once you decided where to place your landscape, then you can start!

Here are some ideas to help craft your winter wonderland landscape:

Brighten your winter landscape with red twig dogwood

Take a look at your window; you’ll see a blanket of snow down the road. Plain white might be too suffocating. Why not put something that will stand out? Yes, why not place some red twigs of dogwood? It is a shrub that adds color to your landscape because (obviously) of its deep red branches. You may place it as decorative border.

Winter Container Gardens will add life

Thinking the right choice of plant won’t work that much without the right containers. You might want to try it with a vintage wheelbarrow to add the feel of being in a wood cabin. Plants inside the wheelbarrow should be placed correctly to stand against though wind, ice, and snow. Insert plastic liner plots that are one inch smaller than the containers to prevent the possibility of cracking.

How about using a pretty pot? With the perfect blend of the plants and the container, it will stand out against the thick blanket of snow. Try placing Scotch pine, winter berry holly, spikes of red twig dogwood, white pine, caspia, or dyed eucalyptus.

Walkway needs one too

garden in winter

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Our eyes will surely be attracted to the path that lies along our driveway, especially at night. Adding some charming holiday luminaries along the pathway might be a good idea. It is also a best way to guide guests through a winter wonderland. It can also be added along the front steps and garden path.

Here are more ideas and tips to make attractive landscape that are freely available to replicate:

  • In landscaping, plants and other features are the main object. Make them visible. Snow has the capacity to bury and hide various aspects of landscapes. Make a method of marking easily damaged landscapes to ensure their visibility even if covered with snow.
  • Sometimes, choosing the right combination of plants and ornaments will also matter. Like for example, evergreens with twigs. Evergreen shrubs range from silver-blue to dark green.
  • Give space to stacks of snow. There should be a place for snows that are removed or a space like melting zone. For sure large amounts of snow will pile up on top of plants and shrubs.
  • Careful not to remove ice from plants. There are ways to safely remove ice from your plants without damaging anything. The best way is to let it melt wherever it is.

Whatever you have there in your mind now, maybe plot it out and start planning. Make sure that you have enough resources to make things work. Greener By Design, a landscape design group, has 8 practical landscaping tips for snowy weather that will surely help you. If it’s your first time to do it, then it will add more excitement. Whether the outcome is good or bad, the most important thing is you started it out.

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